Consumer Confidence at the Highest Level Since December 2000

Consumers felt better about the economy – and their place in it – last month than they felt the month before. Much better. In fact, a key measure of consumer confidence reached its highest level since December 2000.

The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, which had increased in February, improved sharply in…

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Dollar Bills Worth the Paper They’re Printed On

There was a time in the U.S. when banks issued their own paper currency. This led to all sorts of chicanery, as clever criminals figured out how to exploit people’s confusion, and create counterfeit “cash.” Even the legitimate bills weren’t safe, since banks often failed and there…

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Public Pension Funding Is in Trouble

Public pension funding funding took a hit in the last three months of 2016, as asset returns fall short of benchmark, according to a report from consulting and actuarial firm Milliman, Inc.

These pensions cover public sector retirees. Their funding level is critical because taxpayers are ultimately responsible to making…

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Life Before Income Taxes

There was a time when the very idea of the government imposing an income tax seemed very strange, even un-American.

This was the land of freedom and opportunity, after all. Why would you tax someone’s income?

In the early days of the country, tariffs paid for a lot…

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Americans Become Fearful of Rising Interest Rates

Change is happening in 2017. Not only do Americans have a new President, but the economy seems to be evolving beyond the “new normal” of super-low interest rates created in in the wake of the financial crisis.

Think about it: we’ve now gotten used to having 4% mortgages…

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