Wage Gains Continue to Lag

Job gains have been strong this year, but wages continue to grow at a painfully slow rate.

Real average hourly earnings for all employees increased 0.2 percent from May to June, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.

This result stems from a 0.2-percent…

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The U.S. Housing Market Benefits from Job Gains, Household Growth, Report Finds

Insurance company Nationwide reports that its latest forward-looking barometer of the U.S. housing market health continues its positive outlook despite unsustainably strong house price gains weighing on affordability.

The primary reason: housing demand. Household formation growth picked up sharply over the last quarter to move above the long…

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Are We Middle Class, Or Just Faking It?

Seven in 10 (70%) American adults aged 18+ consider themselves part of the middle class, according to new findings from insurance company Northwestern Mutual’s 2017 Planning & Progress Study.

This compares interestingly to analysis of government data by the Pew Research Center showing that the number of middle-income…

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Lawyers in Love – With the Economy

Here’s an interesting new gauge of the economy: measuring strength, or weakness, in different areas of the economy based on legal activity.

That’s just what LegalShield, the IDShield people, have done with the LegalShield Law Index.

For instance, when legal activity heats up in the foreclosure arena, it…

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Wealth Gaps

We hear a lot of talk about the wealth and income gap(s) in the U.S., but these discussions often lack specifics. Fortunately, the U.S. Census Bureau bureau has put together some clear data on the subject.

The latest data is only from 2013, but it illustrates many…

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