Labor Department Shares a Pleasant Surprise

The U.S. Labor Department had some more good news on jobs last week, revealing that unemployment claims had dropped quite dramatically.

For the week ending March 5, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 259,000, a decrease of 18,000 from the previous week’s revised…

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Canada, the Quiet Giant

U.S.A. Americans have a tendency to take Canada for granted. After all, Canada is an ally of the U.S. in almost all things. Canada is a pleasant, quiet neighbor. However, Canada’s importance to the U.S. is huge, and undeniable.

For instance, economists spend a lot…

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How the Global Economy Impacts You

It’s no secret that the U.S. imports more goods and services than it exports. The interesting thing is charting how this changes over time.

The official term for the shortfall is the “goods and services deficit”, and it’s up to the The U.S. Census Bureau and…

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Confidence in the Economy is Mixed

Right now, there are good reasons to feel good about the U.S. economy, and where it’s headed. However, not everyone is convinced.

The latest numbers paint a portrait of an economy that is producing jobs, and ringing up sales.

Case in point: the latest jobs numbers from the…

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As Economy Improves, Customer Satisfaction Takes a Hit

American consumers are feeling less satisfied with the level of customer service they are experiencing, a new study shows. This is happening despite – or perhaps because of – an improving economy.

The University of Michigan’s latest American Customer Satisfaction Index showed that customer satisfaction was down across the board in…

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