Productivity Increases in the U.S.

Business leaders and economists have been genuinely concerned about the slumping productivity rates seen in recent years. This week, they’re letting out a collective sigh of relief.

Rising productivity has been a big driver of economic growth in recent decades. When businesses can produce more goods and services using…

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Stingy Does It: Americans Cut Back on Spending

Hard times and sluggish income growth have taught Americans the value of frugality, a new study from Bankrate would seem to indicate.

In a recent survey, the company discovered that more than three in five Americans are limiting their spending each month, citing stagnant incomes and the need to save…

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China’s Economy Strengthens, Somewhat

If you remember the stock market plunge from earlier this year, then you probably also remember that it began with problems in China.

With the Chinese economy now clocking in as the world’s second largest, it can truly be said that what happens in China doesn’t stay in…

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The U.S. Poverty Rate Hasn’t Changed Much

There was no statistically significant change in the U.S. poverty rate last year vs. 2013, according to new data from The U.S. Census Bureau.

Census found that the nation’s official poverty rate was 14.8% in 2014, which equates with 46.7 million people in poverty.


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Consumers Confidence is Up. But Will It Last?

Last week’s stock market cave-in took the world by storm, and threatened to slow the growth of the global economy. However, we also got word that American consumers are feeling – and doing – a bit better these days.

The Conference Board said that its Consumer Confidence Index rebounded strongly…

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