Trust Your Credit Union

Among the organizations that consumers are most likely to forgive for making a mistake, one credit union makes it near the top of the list. Not a single mega bank can claim that honor.

Based on a study by Temkin Group of 10,000 U.S consumers, USAA and ACE…

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TransUnion Eyes Potential Home Equity Boom

Remember the HELOC boom of the 2000’s? It was going gangbusters right up until the global financial system nearly collapsed, led by a huge housing bust. Well, we may be back to the boom days soon, according to credit bureau TransUnion.

HELOC’s, (or home equity line of credit…

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Americans Save 7.6%

A recent nationwide survey found that on average, adults direct 7.6% of their salary to their retirement savings, PenFed Credit Union reports.

The percentage increases among households with incomes over $100,000, college graduates, men, adults with a financial advisor and adults who have automatic savings.

Market research firm…

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Banks Go After Credit Unions, Again

For-profit banks are fighting in Congress to take away not-for-profit credit unions’ tax exemption, once again.

This is a fight that has been going on for years. The banking lobby have been seeking to take tax-advantaged status away from credit unions for years.

A new fight…

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