Regrets, Had a Few

Most U.S. adults have financial regrets, and most common is not saving for retirement early enough, a new survey from Bankrate finds.

This is followed by not saving enough for emergency expenses and taking on too much credit card debt.

The good news is that two of these three…

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A Third of Americans Have Shopped for Retirement Savings Options

Only 1 in 3 Americans have confessed to stopping retirement savings at least once, according to a new report from the Indexed Annuity Leadership Council (IALC).

Despite this poor showing, IALC found that a whopping 94 percent of Americans give themselves a passing grade in financial literacy.

“It is worrisome…

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Keep Your Credit Card Utilization Below 20%

There are several things that have a big impact on your credit score, but only one is a thing that most people could change today. If you want some quick tips for boosting your credit score, read on.

According to FICO, (of the famous FICO Score), there are a bunch…

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Cash is Still a King for a Lot of Americans

A new report from Packaged Facts shows that cash is still being used by a lot of Americans – including a significant number of young people.

This may surprise some, given that we’re living in a digital age of virtual wallets, ecommerce, mobile payments, and online banking.

However, Packaged Facts…

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