5 Credit Rights You Should Know, from FICO

The credit industry has a few major players: from credit card issuers to lenders to credit bureaus. Knowing your credit rights empowers you to take control of your credit and handle any issues efficiently, the experts at FICO say.

A few major laws that affect your credit life include: the…

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What Credit Score Do You Need to Buy a Car? FICO Knows.

You should know what you’re getting into before you get into a vehicle for a test drive. Two things you should know: 1. Your credit score. 2. How your credit score stacks up against others, and how much interest you should expect to pay on a vehicle loan. No…

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Tips Protecting Your Finances as the Country Reopens, from a Credit Union

As the country reopens one county at a time, individuals and businesses continue to face complex financial challenges, many for the first time.

Oregon CU OnPoint Community Credit Union is working to ensure the communities it serves across Oregon and Southwest Washington are equipped with the…

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Protect Yourself When Banking Online

What are you doing to protect yourself from fraud when banking online?

Data analytics company FICO has released its Consumer Digital Banking study that found a large percentage of Americans currently do not take the necessary steps to protect their passwords and logins online.

As consumers reliance on…

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Debt Carrying Americans Spend a Third of Income on Loans, Credit Cards

The latest findings from Northwestern Mutual’s 2020 Planning & Progress Study reveal that among Americans who carry debt, a third (33%) of their monthly income goes toward paying it off, exclusive of mortgages. If you’re one of them, your credit union can help.

Americans with debt…

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