Consumer Credit Defaults Fall for Fifth Month

Consumer credit defaults fell for a fifth straight month in September, and stood by month’s end at a 2018 low, according to new data from S&P Dow Jones Indices and Experian.

Default rates are an indication of how well the overall economy is doing. When things turn…

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Many Americans Regret Getting a Store Card

Nearly half of Americans who have had a store credit card regretted getting one, according to a new study from CompareCards by LendingTree.

This is no surprise: CompareCards reviewed credit cards from 50 of the nation’s largest retailers and found that the average store card APR is nearly 25…

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The Older Generations Are the Most Creditworthy, According to Study

A new study from online loan marketplace LendingTree finds that older Americans tend to have the best credit scores.

On average, members of the silent generation (the oldest cohort) have credit scores 100 points higher than those of millennials.

Key takeaways

Millennials and Gen Xers have, on average, “fair” credit…

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Unprepared for Old Age

Nearly 4 in 10 Americans age 65 and over – 37 percent – say they haven’t had conversations with anyone about preparing for their possible need of long-term care (LTC), according to a new report from OneAmerica.

The proportion was similar to American adults overall, 38 percent of whom said…

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