Louisiana Floods Credit Unions Hit by Flooding

The epic, 500-year floods that have slammed parts of Louisiana have caused at least 13 deaths and left tens of thousands of Louisianans homeless. They have also had an impact on many of the state’s credit unions.

According to a report from Peter Strozniak in CU Times, around…

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Credit Unions Increase Their Mortgage Activity

Credit unions offer some of the best deals on loans – including mortgages.

Phil Hall recently documented this success in National Mortgage Professional Magazine. Hall – citing data from Callahan & Associates – said that credit unions posted positive growth in their first mortgage portfolios in 33 states during the second quarter of…

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Good News: Americans Are Saving More for Retirement

The number of Americans who say they are saving more for retirement in the current year vs the previous one is at the highest level in five years, according to a new survey from Bankrate.

Bankrate said that 31 million Americans are saving more this year.

In addition, fewer people…

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Credit Union Named as One of Pennsylvania’s Best Companies to Work For

Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union in Harrisburg has been added to Fortune magazine’s list of the 50 Best Large Companies to Work For in Pennsylvania, CU Times Reports.

Peter Strozniak, in the August 12 issue of CU Times, said that Pennsylvania State Employees CU is one of 15 credit…

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It’s Time to Switch to a Credit Union

A new report from FICO finds that Millennials (adults aged 25-34) are more open to changing banks than members of older age groups. This should be good news for U.S. credit unions.

According to FICO, Millennials say fees (low balance, ATM, etc.) are the top reason Millennials switch…

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