To Ward Off Feelings of Financially Vulnerability, People Need a Plan.

Americans are feeling financially vulnerable and it likely starts with the absence of a comprehensive perspective on their finances, finds a new study from Northwestern Mutual. But there is hope, and you’ll find it at your local credit union.

According to the Northwestern Mutual study, one third of Americans…

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Will We Ever Be Able to Retire?

Remember when retirement was a defined event in nearly every American’s life? It meant an end to the work life, and a greater opportunity for leisure, hobbies and family visits. Those were the days.

These days, retirement is fast becoming a luxury fully enjoyed by the few.

In fact…

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Credit Unions Get More Respect, for Mortgages

A new article explores the benefits of getting a mortgage through a credit union. This is timely, since CUs are growing as a force in the mortgage market.

The article, from Trulia at Money magazine, is generally positive about the mortgage process at CUs.

It opens with the line, “Credit…

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Cardless Cash Comes to Credit Unions

A Co-Op that services thousands of credit unions will soon offer the security of “Cardless Cash” to CU members across the country.

Cardless Cash is a product of banking technology firm FIS. It’s an interoperable platform for banks, credit unions, ATM operators and networks to provide consumers with…

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Good News: Most College Students Pay Credit Card Bills in Full Each Month

A new survey from credit bureau Equifax finds that nearly 70 percent of college students have one or more credit cards, and a slightly higher percentage pay off their own balances in full each month.

This is good news, since college students are already debt-burdened by their student loans…

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