American Seniors in Almost All States Have Inadequate Incomes

Senior citizens in 47 states and the District of Columbia have inadequate incomes, a new study from Bankrate finds.

These seniors simply aren’t replacing enough of their pre-retirement incomes.

Just how inadequate? Bankrate, citing financial experts, said that seniors need at least 70% of the income they earned…

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Under Attack from Banks, Credit Unions Fight Back

It’s no secret that credit unions are under attack from well-funded banks, and their lobbyists.

The nation’s for-profit banks – through their federal and state representatives – are trying to de-legitimize not-for-profit CUs and have their tax-exempt status taken away, among other things.


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Are You Accumulating Money, or Regret?

When it comes to money, savers accumulate wealth, while non-savers accumulate regret. This is advice we should all take to heart.

Bankrate recently chronicled just how many more of us should follow this advice, when it surveyed America and found that seventy-five percent of us have financial regrets…

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It’s Surprisingly Easy to Get an Increased Credit Limit

Most of us wait for credit card companies to increase our credit limits. However, the bolder amongst us step up and ask for an increase. A surprising number of them get one.

According to Bankrate, a full 78% U.S. credit cardholders who have asked for a higher credit limit…

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