Unbanked by Choice

Not all unbanked Americans are in that state due to poverty, a new study finds. Some are unbanked by choice.

A survey analysis performed for Packaged Facts finds that there is a general trend away from having checking and savings accounts at traditional banking institutions, especially among members of the…

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For Old-Fashioned Money Values, Look to the Millennials

Millennials catch a lot of grief for their “selfies and social media” lifestyle tendencies, but in some ways they embody the frugal values of long-ago generations.

For one thing, millennials tend to be more debt-shy than Boomers. They came of age during the Great Recession era of scarce…

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What Are You Doing for National Credit Union Youth Month?

It’s no secret that credit unions are eager to attract young members. Youth is the future, after all, and America’s CUs are nothing if not forward-thinking.

The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) is promoting this year’s theme, Credit Union Strong, by offering a number of programs…

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More Proof That Credit Unions Beat Banks

A recent article in Credit Union Times was chock full of proof that credit unions still have a big edge on banks when it comes to people-friendly practices.

The article, by J. Daniel Young, overviewed some recent surveys on fees.

Specifically, data from A MoneyRates.com survey of banks…

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Credit Unions: Still Friendlier Than Banks

Maybe you’ve read banking industry propaganda recently claiming that credit union fees and policies are no longer much friendlier than banks are. Well, a new report shows just how wrong these claims are.

The report, from Bankrate, finds that credit unions are more than twice as likely as banks…

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