Financial Anxiety Takes a Toll

Most Americans (85%) are feeling financial anxiety these days, and a taking a toll on their health, happiness and home life, a new study from Northwestern Mutual finds.

When asked specifically where people’s financial anxiety is coming from, “Unexpected expenses” (55%) received the most mentions.

This came well ahead…

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NCUA Report: Delinquencies Rise at U.S. Credit Unions

A new report from the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) finds that loan delinquencies and charge-off rates are rising at the nation’s CUs.

Much of this is due to a happy development: credit union lending has risen by a healthy amount recently.

In fact, loans outstanding were up…

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Bankrate: Credit Unions “Destroy Banks on Yields”

Credit union members are always telling their friends and family that CUs offer the best deal for consumers. However, it’s nice to see an objective news source weighing in – and saying the same thing.

This was the case recently, when studied deposit rates across the country, and…

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Millennials More Aggressive in Dealing with Fraud

A new report from Bankrate finds that Millennials seem to have a lower tolerance for account fraud than the general population does, and are more likely to punish the bank they had the hacked account with.

For instance, while 22% of US consumers will close an account after a fraud…

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American Face Mounting Financial Pressure

More and more Americans believe that their savings will run out before they do, according some new data from Northwestern Mutual.

Northwestern Mutual, in its 2016 Planning and Progress Study, found that two thirds of Americans believe there is some chance that they will outlive their savings, with 1 in…

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