Financially Illiterate

Not enough high school students are receiving financial education. In fact, according to the non-profit Next Gen Personal Finance organization, only 1 in 6 high school students nationwide required to take personal finance course to graduate.

Think about it: we’re sending millions of kids out into the world…

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Bummed Out about Retirement? There's Hope.

Only 21 percent of future retirees say life in retirement will be better, and 28 percent of recent retirees say life is worse in retirement, according to a new survey from insurer Nationwide’s Retirement Institute.

Retirees who say life is worse in retirement cite income (78 percent) and cost…

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Some Good News on Retirement Savings

Twenty-three percent of working Americans increased their retirement savings contributions this year compared to last year, the highest reading in six years of polling, according to a new report from

Another 16% indicate they have reduced their contributions over that time.

The encouraging findings mark a stark…

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To Save or to Spend?

Millennials are caught in a tug-of-war between their long-term financial aspirations and the lure of spending now, a recent Northwestern Mutual study found. When has that ever not been the case for young people?

The company, in its 2017 Planning & Progress Study, found that nearly two…

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