Millennials More Aggressive in Dealing with Fraud

A new report from Bankrate finds that Millennials seem to have a lower tolerance for account fraud than the general population does, and are more likely to punish the bank they had the hacked account with.

For instance, while 22% of US consumers will close an account after a fraud…

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American Face Mounting Financial Pressure

More and more Americans believe that their savings will run out before they do, according some new data from Northwestern Mutual.

Northwestern Mutual, in its 2016 Planning and Progress Study, found that two thirds of Americans believe there is some chance that they will outlive their savings, with 1 in…

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American Seniors in Almost All States Have Inadequate Incomes

Senior citizens in 47 states and the District of Columbia have inadequate incomes, a new study from Bankrate finds.

These seniors simply aren’t replacing enough of their pre-retirement incomes.

Just how inadequate? Bankrate, citing financial experts, said that seniors need at least 70% of the income they earned…

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Under Attack from Banks, Credit Unions Fight Back

It’s no secret that credit unions are under attack from well-funded banks, and their lobbyists.

The nation’s for-profit banks – through their federal and state representatives – are trying to de-legitimize not-for-profit CUs and have their tax-exempt status taken away, among other things.


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