Credit Unions: Still Friendlier Than Banks

Maybe you’ve read banking industry propaganda recently claiming that credit union fees and policies are no longer much friendlier than banks are. Well, a new report shows just how wrong these claims are.

The report, from Bankrate, finds that credit unions are more than twice as likely as banks…

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Would You Put a Car on Your Credit Card?

Credit cards are handy, but buying big-ticket items using them can lead to monstrous interest charges over time. Yet, this doesn’t keep people from doing just that.

Case in point: one in five Millennials say they would buy a car with a credit card, according to survey results…

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Convenience vs Security for Credit Union Members

A recent data breach at Wendy’s hurt a lot of credit unions, and their members. What makes things worse is that features put in place to make security management convenient can result CU members being victimized even when thieves don’t have their PINs.

This news came from a…

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Credit Unions Test “Borrow and Save” Programs

A number of credit unions are testing out a new program that lends money to members, but with strings attached.

Called “Borrow and Save,” these programs tie small loans to forced savings. When they work, CU members can borrow to pay off credit cards, while simultaneously becoming savers per the…

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Big Banks Win Court Case; Credit Unions Lose

A lawsuit brought by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) against Bank of America Corp and US Bancorp has been dismissed by a federal judge.

The suit addressed losses taken by CUs when $6.8 billion of toxic mortgage securities issued by these mega-banks went bust, contributing to the…

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