Scientists Can Now Manufacture a Human Pancreas Using 3D Printing and Stem Cells

Scientists have now successfully finished printing a 3D human Pancreas – a development that points the way toward new ways of replacing failing organs in human patients.

Celprogen, a California stem-cell research specialist, said that the 3D human Pancreas was created using a flexible Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) material scaffold…

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Paying the Toll for New Infrastructure

Toll roads are back in the news, as different proposals for rebuilding America’s infrastructure are floated.

One way to build new roads and bridges without huge outlays of taxpayer money involves private investors building roads, and then charging tolls to make back their money.

This has been done with…

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Gift-Cards: The Ultimate in Thoughtless, Lazy Gift-Giving?

Gift cards may represent the ultimate in lazy gift-giving, yet their popularity grows every year. Will the old-fashioned value of putting thought into gifting ever make a comeback?

Some new research suggests that it just might.

According to a new Bankrate report, half of consumers say they plan…

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It’s That Time Again

Are you prepared for the holiday shopping season? Like it or not, it’s here.

One interesting development has taken place since the last time: Cyber Monday has beaten out Black Friday as the most popular shopping holiday, according to a recent online survey conducted by IPSOS Public Affairs on…

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Big Cannabis

If you’re over a certain age it comes as a bit of a shock that America now has a multi-billion, legal cannabis industry. But indeed we do, and this new industry is eager to defend its reputation.

That reputation was recently tested by a recent report titled, “The…

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