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Food Stamps at 57

The U.S. Food Stamp Program turns 57 this month. We hear a lot about this program these days, but what exactly is it?

In September 1959, the Congress acted to help some Americans achieve minimum levels of nutrition, passing a bill which created food stamps for those with low…

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Your Dog Needs a Spa Day

Dogs need special treatment to recover from the tangled coats, skin and paw irritation, and other problems that summer activity leaves them with each year.

Traci Simo, of at-home pet care provider Canine Company, is offering some advice:

Start with a deep brushing, carefully working out any mats and…

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Hooch the Hero Dog

A three-year-old French Mastiff named Hooch has been named this year’s most courageous canine, winning the top title of “American Hero Dog” at the 2016 American Humane Hero Dog Awards.

To win this honor, Hooch received nearly a million votes by the American public and bested 173…

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Turning Bottles into Gold

That plastic bottle you’re drinking out of could become your next pair of pants, thanks to some innovative recycling technology.

Repreve, a brand of recycled fibers from manufacturing company Unifi, is opening a new plant in North Carolina that will transform plastic bottles into 75 million pounds of “bottle…

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