(Dog) Food for Thought

When you’re a kid your parents tell you not to feed the family dog “people” food. As an adult you often see people cooking people food just for their dogs. Who is right?

According to dog food maker Royal Flush Havanese, dogs do need their own food.

The company…

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Cat Games

A new mobile game allows players to “win” cat litter, which is then donated to animal shelters.

The company that has developed this innovative new means of cat philanthropy, World’s Best Cat Litter, said that its new game – called PURRRSUIT – is a way to give back to your furry…

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The Genetic Testing of Pets Will Soon Be Commonplace

Using genetic testing to predict, and plan for, a pet’s healthcare will become more common as prices for the tests plunge. This will bring good things to pet care but it should also cause some concern.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, genetic testing will increasingly be used…

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A New Wearable Sensor Tells How Much UV Radiation You’ve Been Hit With

The link between UV radiation and skin cancer is long established. It’s why we’ve all become more concerned about wearing suncreeen, and avoiding excessing exposure to direct sunlight. But how much UV are we actually getting?

One company, La Roche-Posay, has created a new wearable patch that…

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The Cat Days of Summer

Cats don’t pant as much as dogs do, but this doesn’t mean that their cooling and hydration requirements are any less – especially during the summer month.

This is why Alley Cat Allies, the national cat advocacy organization, is offering these tips for protecting felines from the summer heat…

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