Choose Your Senator

There was a time when ordinary Americans had no say in who their U.S. Senator was. That’s because the two senators representing each state in Washington were elected by each state’s legislature. That changed 103 years ago this month.

As the U.S. Census Bureau points out…

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Social Media and Driving: A Bad Mix

The age of social media has given us many things: countless selfies, superficial relationships – and infinite ways of expressing insight, creativity and sheer stupidity.

Case in point: we now have precise ways of tracking and chronicling the many things people are doing while driving, when they should be paying attention…

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Online Harassment Touches One-Third of Americans

One in three American adults have either witnessed or personally experienced online harassment, according to non-profit organization CiviliNation’s latest CiviliNation Harassment Barometer tracking online harassment in the United States.

Of those who said they experienced harassment, 40% said they knew their attacker. In 25% of these cases, the…

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Binge-Watching, It’s Not Just for Obsessive Freaks Any More

Do you binge-watch TV for hours – even days — on end, only to wonder if you’re some kind of oddball for doing so? Worry not, your TV watching habits are now in the mainstream.

According to new research from Deloitte, a full 70% of U.S. consumers binge watch…

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Pangolin Poaching Reaches Alarming Levels

At first glance, you wouldn’t think of the Pangolin as the kind of animal that poachers would find valuable. However, in some parts of the world a Pangolin is worth its weight in gold.

Market demand for the scaly African anteater has caused an estimated 1,100,000 pangolins…

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