More Companies Are Offering Pet Health Insurance as a Perk

Your pets get lonely while you’re at work. They pine for you, they destroy items of your clothing and they wait. And they wait. Shouldn’t they be getting some benefits from your employer?

It turns out that an increasing number of American pets are indeed being included in…

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Revenue to U.S. Schools Up Sharply in Recent Years

The revenue flowing to U.S. elementary and secondary schools rose 3.3% nationally from 2013 to 2014, The U.S. Census Bureau reports. The country saw the biggest increase in per-pupil school spending since 2008.

School system revenue comes from federal, state and local government sources.

It amounted…

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Keeping Summer Allergies at Bay

Now that summer is finally here, it’s time to reduce exposure to bad stuff so that we can enjoy more of the good stuff.

Allergy sufferers know all about the bad stuff, since summer is one of the worst times of year for them.

The Florida Center for Allergy…

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Be True to Your School

Public high schools are so much a part of American lives and communities that we can be forgiven for thinking that they’ve always been around.

However, there was a time when education was a privilege afforded by the few – even in the U.S.A. Before public schools, most…

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The Masters of the Universe Once Met Under a Tree

The New York Stock Exchange had really humble beginnings, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

It seems that the exchange started way back in 1792, when some two dozen merchants and brokers established an organized approach to their buying and selling.

In good weather, they operated under a Buttonwood…

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