Pangolin Poaching Reaches Alarming Levels

At first glance, you wouldn’t think of the Pangolin as the kind of animal that poachers would find valuable. However, in some parts of the world a Pangolin is worth its weight in gold.

Market demand for the scaly African anteater has caused an estimated 1,100,000 pangolins…

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Happy Birthday, Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh is turning 200 this year, and it’s time this city got the respect it deserves.

Sure, it might be Pennsylvania’s second-largest city. And sure, it doesn’t have quite the historical gravitas of Philadelphia. But Pittsburgh has nonetheless brought a lot of great things to the…

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An Aging Population…of Pets

Humans aren’t the only population group that’s aging in America. Pets are also living longer, and having some of the special needs that advanced age can bring.

A new report from Packaged Facts finds that U.S. retail sales of senior, weight management and special needs (SWM) pet…

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The First Bank Robbery in America

Willie Sutton was famous for robbing banks because, “that’s where the money is.” But he wasn’t the first American to get the idea.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the first bank robbery in the U.S. happened in March of 1831 – nearly a half-century after…

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Pets Eat Some Strange Things

The next time you think that dogs and cats are blessed with an abundance of common sense, have a talk with a vet.

Vets are often on the receiving end of the curious – even dangerous – snack choices that pets can make.

Pet insurance specialist Trupanion keeps track of cases of…

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