Life Before the Income Tax

It’s hard for most adult Americans to imagine a life without the federal income tax. Filing this tax is a once-a-year (or four-times-a-year) ritual, and its presence is seen and felt with every paycheck.

But, indeed, the income tax hasn’t been around forever…

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Are You a Flexitarian?

OK, so you’re not willing to go whole-hog and become a vegan, but you want to cut down on your meat eating nonetheless. What do you do? You become a flexitarian.

According to a new report from Innova Market Insights, the growing trend toward reducing meat intake is…

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America’s 30-Year-Olds, 1975 vs. 2015

How has life changed for young adults since the groovy, stagflation-heavy mid-1970s? It’s an interesting question — and who better to ask than the U.S. Census Bureau?

Census data kept since that time sheds light on the changing fortunes of the 30 year old population.

For instance…

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Which Cities Have the Worst Drivers?

Most of us have opinions about which places in the U.S. have the worst drivers. Sometimes it’s the place we live in; other times we complain of cities we’ve traveled to. Now there is some evidence to back up (or debunk) our perceptions.

That evidence comes from…

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Turning Out the Youth Vote

This year’s political campaigns have highlighted the potential role of young voters in choosing the nation’s next leader. What many Americans don’t know is that this youth vote got a lot bigger on a June day 45 years ago.

That was in 1972, when the 26th Amendment…

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