A May Shower Brings a June Wedding

Why are so many weddings held in June? The Census Bureau has a theory, and it’s pretty gross.

It seems that back in the day people only took one bath per year. This annual bath took place in May.

Because people were still reasonably fresh-smelling in June, (yes…

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Don’t Miss These Quirky Summer Festivals

There’s nothing more fun than a quirky, local festival. All across the nation people celebrate things that most of us never think to celebrate, or things that deserve to be celebrated more.

These fests take place in all sorts of obscure places – and most of them happen in the…

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Expert Tip: Don’t Stare Into the Sun

The experts at the American Academy of Ophthalmology want you to protect your eyes from sun damage this year, and are offering tips to that effect.

Here are the expert tips:

Wear the right sunglasses – Look for those labeled “UV400” or “100 percent UV protection” when buying sunglasses. Less costly…

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More Companies Are Offering Pet Health Insurance as a Perk

Your pets get lonely while you’re at work. They pine for you, they destroy items of your clothing and they wait. And they wait. Shouldn’t they be getting some benefits from your employer?

It turns out that an increasing number of American pets are indeed being included in…

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Revenue to U.S. Schools Up Sharply in Recent Years

The revenue flowing to U.S. elementary and secondary schools rose 3.3% nationally from 2013 to 2014, The U.S. Census Bureau reports. The country saw the biggest increase in per-pupil school spending since 2008.

School system revenue comes from federal, state and local government sources.

It amounted…

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