Natural Disasters and Pets

Don’t forget about your pets as you prepare for a possible natural disaster.

Natural disaster take many forms: big storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires or mudslides. We are constantly being told to prepare for them, and most of us do.

But people often overlook the likely special needs their pets…

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America’s Top Barbeque Cities

Quick, what’s the top U.S. city for barbeque?

Many of us say, “Kansas City, of course!” when that question is asked. But a grill maker Napoleon recently found that Atlanta is our top BBQ center.

The company commissioned market research leader ORC International to find out which cities…

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Majoring in Beer

Many a flippant college undergrad has claimed to be “majoring in beer” over the years. Now they actually can.

They can, at least, at Eastern Michigan University, which has just created a four-year program in “fermentation science”.

This daring new program was created by two EMU professors of chemistry…

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Choose Your Senator

There was a time when ordinary Americans had no say in who their U.S. Senator was. That’s because the two senators representing each state in Washington were elected by each state’s legislature. That changed 103 years ago this month.

As the U.S. Census Bureau points out…

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Social Media and Driving: A Bad Mix

The age of social media has given us many things: countless selfies, superficial relationships – and infinite ways of expressing insight, creativity and sheer stupidity.

Case in point: we now have precise ways of tracking and chronicling the many things people are doing while driving, when they should be paying attention…

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