Which Cities Have the Worst Drivers?

Most of us have opinions about which places in the U.S. have the worst drivers. Sometimes it’s the place we live in; other times we complain of cities we’ve traveled to. Now there is some evidence to back up (or debunk) our perceptions.

That evidence comes from…

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Turning Out the Youth Vote

This year’s political campaigns have highlighted the potential role of young voters in choosing the nation’s next leader. What many Americans don’t know is that this youth vote got a lot bigger on a June day 45 years ago.

That was in 1972, when the 26th Amendment…

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Taking the Shark Census

Census workers often have a tough job. They have to deal with slammed doors and rude people as they do the job of counting the population. Now imagine what it’s like to count the shark population.

This is the work of researchers who are attempting the world’s largest…

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The Fourth of July – My How We’ve Grown

On July 4, 1776 a Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Second Continental Congress. It would serve as the rallying cry for 13 colonies of Great Britain to become the United States of America.

After the Revolutionary War, this dream became a reality. At that time there were just…

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Caution: It’s Time for Fireworks

It’s fireworks time again in the U.S.A. Millions will enjoy their colorful gunpowder treats of choice. Most will survive the experience in one piece, but emergency rooms will see no shortage of business.

To ensure that you stay out of the ER this year, the National Council…

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