Pandemic Prompts 9% Increase in Household Spending On All Things Sweet

Since the start of the pandemic, American consumers have indulged their sweet tooth, according to NCSolutions, a company consumer packaged goods firms for improving advertising effectiveness.

Household spending on confections, baked goods and baking supplies was 9% higher from February 24, the first notable day of increased purchasing of…

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Physicians Support a Hybrid Health Care System

America’s physicians don’t like the idea of Medicare-for-All – but they do like some hybrid system featuring a single payer option plus private pay, according to the results of a new survey from national nonprofit The Physicians Foundation.

When asked to rank their preferences for the future…

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How to Maintain Your Coronavirus Garden Over the Winter

As lockdown orders took effect in spring, Americans nationwide planted coronavirus gardens to relieve food supply anxiety, provide a purposeful distraction and enjoy a family-friendly activity.

Although harvest season is ending, growers hooked on home-grown provisions can coax more from their gardens.

Adapt8, maker of greenhouse and agricultural…

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Five Keys to Stop Bad Arguments, from Allstate Insurance

Americans are witnessing one of the deepest political and cultural divides in our nation’s history. Compounded by the worst health crisis in a century and a reckoning on racial justice, our collective future depends on Americans’ ability to come together. That doesn’t mean we should stop arguing, though…

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