Scary Places You Can Visit

Sometimes it’s good to scare yourself a little bit – in a safe environment.

This is what America Haunts lives for. The company, which bills itself as, “Halloween’s leading industry organization,” delivers “fear-based entertainment” to more than a million thrill-seekers annually.

“The perfectly ghastly haunt is scary…

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Parents Don't Value Play, According to Melissa & Doug, Gallup

Today’s parents face perpetual pressure to keep their children engaged and busy with activities, whether music lessons, organized sports or academic enrichment, according to a study from toy company Melissa & Doug and polling firm Gallup.

Driven by a desire to keep their children ahead of the pack, many…

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A Defense of Columbus, from a Likely Source

Millions of Americans celebrated Columbus Day yesterday – but how many of them were truly celebrating Christopher Columbus? One group, the Knights of Columbus, is defending the explorer’s place in history.

Columbus has gone from being a revered figure in the 1950s to a controversial one by the 1980s, to…

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US Cancer Patients Are 2.7 Times More Likely to Declare Bankruptcy

In the US, individuals diagnosed with cancer are 2.7 times more likely to declare bankruptcy than individuals without cancer, according to a research study led by Dr. Daniel A. Goldstein.

This study, published in biomedical journal Oncotarget, titled “A global comparison of the cost of patented cancer drugs in…

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