China Advises Drastic Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

A new report from China Daily – a media company run by the Chinese government – shows just how alarming the spread of coronavirus has become, and outlines some of the lifestyle measures being recommended to halt the deadly disease.

The New York Times, citing Chinese health officials,
reported Thursday that 563…

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The Worst Valentine’s Gifts

A bad Valentine’s gift fail will be remembered for a lifetime., part of the Group and the company behind numerous online dating sites, has compiled some of the worst. took a poll of its users to determine some of the
biggest gifting fails…

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"What Not to Do" this Valentine's Day, According to

Before the most romantic day of the New Year arrives,, part of the Group and the company behind numerous online dating sites, has released a newly curated guide to navigating Valentine’s Day festivities.

These tips alert daters of what not to do in…

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23 Million Americans in Need Rely on Strong End-of-Year Giving

The Salvation Army reminds us it would not be able to assist approximately 23 million people in need without the giving of Americans all across the county. This is especially true at the end of the year.

The Salvation Army serve people whose needs range from food
and shelter to…

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The Dangers of Giving Puppies as Christmas Presents, from Innovet Pet

In their recently released Christmas-inspired blog, Innovet Pet warns pet owners about the dangers of giving someone a puppy as a gift.

Innovet says a puppy can often be too much of a
responsibility for someone, especially when the person isn’t expecting it.

This just doesn’t make…

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