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June Is National Ocean Month

June is National Ocean Month – the time when we should all appreciate the things are planet’s oceans do for us land-dwellers.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Ocean Service our world ocean literally provides the air we breathe

The ocean produces over half of…

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Are You Afraid of What’s In Your Hot Dog?

The question that instills fear in the hearts of four in 10 Americans: What’s in your hot dog?

As Americans get ready to fire up their grills this summer, natural and organic meat company Applegate announces new survey findings that illustrate just how petrified people truly are about ingredients…

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a holiday that pulls the country in two directions, emotionally. On the one hand it’s the happy start of summer; on the other lies the true purpose of the day: to remember those Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of the nation.


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Friends with Health Benefits

A rising number of Americans are following their healthcare providers on social media, American Osteopathic Association reports. This is especially true for younger adults.

A new survey from the group finds more than half of millennials (54%) and more than four out of 10 (42%) adults are or would like…

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