Dogs Stage Protest at the United Nations

Dogs have united in support of a joint campaign by beauty company The Body Shop and non-profit Cruelty Free International that seeks to ban animal testing in cosmetics globally, the organizations report.

The protest, which included 8 dogs of different breeds and sizes, was in support of the joint…

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When Teens Cyberbully Themselves

Adolescents harming themselves with cuts, scratches or burns has gained a lot of attention over the years not just because of the physical damage and internal turmoil, but also because it has been linked to suicide, Florida Atlantic University reports.

More recently, a new form of self-harm in youth…

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You Need Better Sleep, Says the Better Sleep Council

A study from the Better Sleep Council says better sleep may be the key to making 2018 goals stick. (They would say that, of course).

The Council is offering these tips for making the most of sleep time:

Make daily sleep appointments. Develop a routine in which you go to…

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Top New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

According to a new survey from the Better Sleep Council, 45% of Americans who make 2018 resolutions don’t make much of an effort to keep them and of this 45%, about 9 million Americans won’t make any effort at all.

A majority of respondents (88%) considered making New…

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Going With Your Gut in the Grocery Aisles

Fermented foods are the hot things to eat in 2018, according to a survey of Registered Dietician Nutritionists (RDNs) conducted by Pollock Communications and Today’s Dietitian.

The annual What’s Trending in Nutrition” survey – now in its sixth year — taps these experts for their take on the superfoods of…

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