Why Rural Broadband Matters to Us All

City dwellers probably don’t think much about rural broadband. However, the increasing importance of technology in raising the food on everyone’s table suggests that they should.

For instance, new Smart Farm technologies can give America’s growers the ability to monitor crop conditions in real time, respond to…

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FICO Doubles the Power of Cybersecurity Score to Predict Breaches

Fair Isaac, the company that brings us the FICO Score, is making strides to predict when organizations are vulnerable to cyber-attack. It’s about time.

The recent Equifax breach is on everyone’s mind. People want to know how one of the “Big Three” consumer credit bureaus could have…

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Social Media Lies

While many paint a picture-perfect life on social media, one of the dangers is that it helps hide traditional warning signs of abuse, according to new data from skin care, bold color cosmetics and fragrances seller Mary Kay.

Mary Kay has released data from its eighth annual Truth About…

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Smarty-Pants Kids

Who handles digital security in your home. Nationwide, kids seem to think they do, while parents have other ideas.

According to second annual National Cyber Security Alliance survey parents and teens both think they are most knowledgeable about cybersecurity and privacy in their household.

Thirty-four percent of teens indicate…

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Few Safely Dispose of Unused Medicine

As the nation grapples with the crisis of opioid abuse and misuse, a new survey by pharmacy benefit manager Prime Therapeutics LLC (Prime) finds many current tools aimed at combating the crisis may be underused.

Most survey respondents are concerned about the opioid crisis.

Overall, 87 percent said addiction to…

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