Today’s Children Are Spending 35% Less Time Playing Freely Outside

There has been an alarming decrease in outdoor play among children ages 3-12 in recent years, according to a survey commissioned by Canadian footwear and apparel manufacturer Kamik.

An overwhelming majority of mothers agreed that their best childhood memories took place outdoors while playing with a friend or a…

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Most Adults Believe Alzheimer's will be Cured in Their Lifetime, Survey Finds

Findings of a global survey show that most adults (62 percent) are worried they may develop Alzheimer’s, while nearly the same proportion believe it is likely a cure will be developed in their lifetime (60 percent).

Biotechnology firm Amgen and drug maker Novartis and Banner Alzheimer’s Institute (BAI…

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The U.S. Recycling Crisis

Fewer recyclable items are actually being recycled these days, as recycling companies are shutting down and otherwise recyclable items are simply going into landfills. One nonprofit organization calls it a “recycling crisis” – and aims to do something about it.

Nonprofit organization Recycle Across America (RAA) points out that 1,000…

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The Tooth Fairy, and the Economy

Is the Tooth Fairy’s generosity a good gauge of the economy overall? Some think so.

Dental and health savings online marketplace’s Original Tooth Fairy Poll shows that the fairy’s dental payouts are a good indicator of the economy.

During the most recent recession, the average…

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