What Attracts Your Valentine, and Where to Meet Them

LoveBookOnline.com, a website that lets you create personalized gift books for your loved ones, has compiled a list of the top 7 physical features that people find most attractive in their mate, as well as a list of the top 7 most popular places where couples meet their mates…

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You Need Better Sleep, Says the Better Sleep Council

A study from the Better Sleep Council says better sleep may be the key to making 2018 goals stick. (They would say that, of course).

The Council is offering these tips for making the most of
sleep time: 

Make daily sleep appointments. Develop a routine in which you…

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A Healthier America in 2019

Life Time, a healthy lifestyle company, recently surveyed individuals in 35 cities to uncover trends, habits and health needs as millions commit to positive health. If a healthier lifestyle is the goal of your New Year’s Resolutions, you’re not alone.

But a healthier lifestyle isn’t just about…

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The Toll of Holiday Driving

Holiday driving may cost 860 Americans their lives this season, according to the National Safety Council. We’ve already seen too many accidents this year – and the season’s not over yet.

As many as 438 fatalities and 49,900 injuries may occur
during the New Year’s holiday weekend…

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Americans Take Their Favorite Entertainment More Serious than the Holidays

Americans love binge-watching their favorite shows, and in
many cases take it more seriously than they do the holidays, according to new
research from LG Electronics USA.

LG Electronics USA is back with its “Serious
Watchers” nationwide survey, this time taking aim at the binge-worthy…

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