U.S. Navy Finds Tiny Creatures in the Ocean

Tiny and frightening-looking creatures lurking throughout our world’s oceans can wreak havoc on U.S. Navy tactical decision-makers’ ability to sense the environment or plan and chart a navigation course, according to the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.

The simple presence of these animals, some the size…

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In Praise of Hands-Free Laws

It’s not uncommon for American drivers to witness close calls, erratic driving and even deadly crashes caused by motorists trying to operate a vehicle while looking down with a mobile device in their hand.

Kirt Walker, CEO of insurance company Nationwide, said
recently his company is advocating for state…

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What Americans Spend on Dating a Year

A survey from loan marketplace LendingTree found that on average Americans spend $696.98 on dating a year and the average cost of a first date is $77. 

Key findings

Survey respondents spent an average of $696.98 on dating
in 2019. Women spent much less than…

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China Advises Drastic Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

A new report from China Daily – a media company run by the Chinese government – shows just how alarming the spread of coronavirus has become, and outlines some of the lifestyle measures being recommended to halt the deadly disease.

The New York Times, citing Chinese health officials,
reported Thursday that 563…

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The Worst Valentine’s Gifts

A bad Valentine’s gift fail will be remembered for a lifetime. Dating.com, part of the Dating.com Group and the company behind numerous online dating sites, has compiled some of the worst.

Dating.com took a poll of its users to determine some of the
biggest gifting fails…

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