Powers of Ten, Brought to You by the Modernists of the 1700s

Never say that the late 1700s were anything but modern. People then were fascinated with science, and the new. One result of this is our tendency to count things off in tens.

The Constitution of the United States, ratified in 1788, made this nation the first in the world to…

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Our Beloved Infrastructure

These days there’s a lot of talk about infrastructure in the U.S. Mainly we talk about how it’s all crumbling, and in desperate need of maintenance. But as the U.S. Census Bureau reminds us, we were once the infrastructure champions of the world.

Let’s just…

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How Hawaii Became a State

In July in 1898, the United States began absorbing an island paradise en route to making it a state, the U.S. Census Bureau chronicles.

President William McKinley signed a resolution annexing the Hawaiian Islands, then an independent republic.

A short time later, Congress made Hawaii an incorporated territory of…

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Learn About Pet Hydration

Summer’s heat is upon us, and it can be especially brutal for our beloved pets. Most of our pets lack the ability to sweat, and they need fresh water available at all times. After all, they can’t tell us when they’re thirsty.

The PetSafe brand is hosting…

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Buggy Cities

When it comes to bug infestations during the summer months, some cities get it worse than others do. The lawn care experts at TruGreen have put together a buggy “top ten” list to show us all which cities to feel sorry for this summer.

According to customer data compiled by…

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