Car Shopping by Smartphone

People are increasingly using their smartphones to find and share information about new and used vehicles, finds J.D. Power. The really lucky ones are credit union members, who can add their CU’s social media channels to their auto buying social networks.

In a new report, J.D. Power found that 33% of shoppers say they “definitely will” share vehicle information via social media after an exceptional experience, and that includes visual imagery including exterior images (48%), interior images (42%) and videos (40%).

People also like to share information on payments and leases (18%) — or dealer information (25%).

As a credit union member, you have more reason than ever to use your CU’s blog, twitter and facebook pages as part of your social hub. For one thing, doing so can directly connect you to important financing information.

CUs often have the best deals on new and used vehicle financing, so your CU should be your first stop whenever you are thinking of buying a vehicle. By posting on your CUs social sites, you might also get tips and feedback from fellow CU members.

You should also check to see if your credit union has existing relationships with local auto dealers (they often do). These relationships can save you a lot of money and hassle when you are buying a vehicle, since you’ll get special treatment as a CU member.

Mobile devices keep you connected when you’re on the go, and this can give you access to the best information possible when you’re about to make a big decision about some new wheels. Including your CU in your information network can really help to take the stress out of this experience.


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