Cannabis Gets a Trade Show

When did the cannabis industry become so respectable? Suddenly this once seedy (pun intended) business has entrepreneurs with business degrees, a credit union — and even a big industry-sponsored trade fair that’s open to the public.

One such happening event is taking place this weekend, in Portland, Oregon. It’s called the Oregon Cannabis Association’s Summer Fair.

Get it, cannabis now has professional trade association representing it just like plastics, airplanes or cardboard packaging. In other words, it’s gone legit.

The organizers of the Oregon Cannabis Association say the event will “celebrate the bounty and diversity of cannabis.”

It’s open to the public – but only those members who are 21 and over.

Currently, Oregon law prohibits medical marijuana dispensaries and recreational cannabis businesses from offering samples of cannabis products.

However, because the Summer Fair is a free event, other kinds of cannabis businesses may offer samples for guests to enjoy at home. (They’ve even figured out how to circumvent legal restrictions by handing out free samples).

This is a strange new world we’re living in.

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