California May Get a Snoopy License Plates

The world’s most famous cartoon beagle may soon adorn thousands of license plates in the state of California. That is, if enough people sign on to the program before the official deadline has passed.

Believe it or not, a group has formed to make the Snoopy license plate a reality. They are organized, and even have a website ( The group’s goal is to sign up the 7,500 California drivers required by the state before a special license plate can be issued.

As of last week, the group said that 5,000 Californians have signed up to pre-order the plates, which will include a reproduction of an original drawing of Snoopy by Peanuts cartoonist Charles Schulz and the phrase “museums are for everyone.”

Drivers are being asked to pony up $50 for sequential versions of the plate, and $98 for personalized versions. Proceeds from sales will establish a competitive grant program administered by the California Cultural and Historical Endowment (CCHE) to support California’s museums.

The deadline to reach the pre-order limit is January 31, so the group has little time to waste in getting another 2,000 Californians signed up. Will they make it, or will the state act like Lucy with the football, and pull its support at the last minute? Here’s hoping that we see the beloved beagle on license plates soon.

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