Bright Pink Aims to Help a Half-Million Women Take Charge of their Health by End of 2019

Bright Pink, a national nonprofit organization focusing on the prevention of breast and ovarian cancer in women, is participating in Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October with one big goal: motivate a half-million women to move beyond awareness to Action and use the Assess Your Risk tool in 2019.

In the homestretch to the end of the year, Bright Pink has collaborated with Aerie, Deloitte, Paul Mitchell, Ocean Spray, Stella & Dot, and vineyard vines, but also need the help of everyday Americans to encourage family and friends to assess their risk.

“Knowing up to 25 percent of breast and ovarian cancers are familial or hereditary, helping all women know their risk and take action is a mission we won’t stop chasing,” said Katie Thiede, CEO, Bright Pink. “The Assess Your Risk tool has helped 1.5 million women, and counting, learn their risk of breast and ovarian cancer and receive personalized recommendations for prevention and risk reduction by taking the 3-minute, online assessment.”

The digital assessment is free, interactive and easy-to-use, and includes nationally-recognized cancer screening criteria and other risk factors to help all women better understand their breast and ovarian cancer risk.

Additionally, women can access the following resources, as part of the tool: 

Explore Your Genetics – determine if you carry a genetic mutation that may increase your risk

Collect Family Health History – find out if breast or ovarian cancer may be hereditary

Reduce Your Risk – receive recommendations and preventative measures to decrease cancer risk

Learn About Screening & Self-Awareness – discover key insights to early detection

Partner with Your Healthcare Provider – read tips about how to start a conversation and ask the right questions during your doctor appointment

Women can take Action this Breast Cancer Awareness Month by completing the quiz at and/or sharing the link with family and friends to do the same.

They can also visit Bright Pink’s Shop to Support webpage, to purchase exclusive products which directly benefit Bright Pink including Aerie, Stella & Dot and Vineyard Vines.

For more information, visit and follow them on Instagram (@bebrightpink), Facebook (@BrightPink) and Twitter (@BeBrightPink).

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