Binge-Watching, It’s Not Just for Obsessive Freaks Any More

Do you binge-watch TV for hours – even days — on end, only to wonder if you’re some kind of oddball for doing so? Worry not, your TV watching habits are now in the mainstream.

According to new research from Deloitte, a full 70% of U.S. consumers binge watch, and those who binge average five episodes per sitting.

Nearly one-third (31%) of us binge on a weekly basis, (and you can be sure it would be even more often if we didn’t have to do things like work or feed ourselves).

Interestingly, over half (53%) of American bingers choose television dramas as their preferred feast.

And here’s another interesting aspect of our TV habits: more than 90% of us multitask while watching TV.

Do you do this? There’s no better time to be had than blowing through a dozen episodes of one’s favorite show while figuring out the taxes, or updating our address books.

So, bingers unite! It’s those stodgy old one-episode-at-a-time folk who are now in the minority.

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