Todd Miller Shares the Latest Tips for Homeowners to Avoid Fraudulent Contractors

Todd Miller, publisher of and CEO of Isaiah Industries, the leading manufacturer of residential metal roofing products, announces his tips on avoiding home improvement nightmares.

Miller’s tips respond to the recent Consumer Complaint Survey Report by the Consumer Federation of American which shows the home improvement industry garnered the second-most consumer complaints for the second year in a row.

“Right now, homeowners are preparing for winter,” says Miller. “I want them to avoid problems as they choose contractors. Much like a marriage, you must assess the merits of the relationship before committing. The downside can be quite difficult for everyone.”

According to Miller, home improvement projects are a great way to enhance the value, comfort, and security of one’s home, but bad improvement experiences will be nightmares. Here are five of his top ten tips:

1. HAVE A PRE-NUP. A good contract details the exact scope of work including manufacturer specifications, code requirements, and workmanship expectations. Have it in writing that there will be no surprise costs later without prior approval.

2. WHOSE BOOTS ARE UNDER YOUR BED? Make sure your contractor is local and not one who just pretends to be your neighbor. Go see work they have done for past customers. Make sure that the individuals who did that work will do your work as well.

3. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY? Know exactly what a normal workday will look like and request a daily update with the project manager.

4. DON’T LOVE ME AND LEAVE. Verify that the salesperson who made commitments to you will not disappear.

5. PAY THE PIPER. Before making your final payment, ensure that the materials used on your home have been paid for. Otherwise, you are at risk of liens on your home from angry suppliers.

Todd Miller, president of leading residential metal roofing manufacturer Isaiah Industries, Inc. and publisher of popular consumer website, has worked with hundreds of thousands of home improvement projects in his 40-year career.  Find out more at

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