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The Big Business of Haunted Haunted Houses

Scaring you at Halloween has become big business. There are more than 1,200 professional haunted houses, 300 theme parks with horror-focused attractions, and approximately 3,000 charity-run spook shows nationwide, according to an estimate from America Haunts, the industry association of haunt attractions nationwide.

Collectively these haunt…

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Emergency Physicians Provide Halloween Safety Tips For Parents

It’s that spooky time of year again. Halloween is coming, and the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) want to make sure you have a safe one.

It is estimated that more than 41 million children will trick-or-treat nationwide this Halloween.

The nation’s emergency physicians offer…

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Many Americans Regret Getting a Store Card

Nearly half of Americans who have had a store credit card regretted getting one, according to a new study from CompareCards by LendingTree.

This is no surprise: CompareCards reviewed credit cards from 50 of the nation’s largest retailers and found that the average store card APR is nearly 25…

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Nearly Half of Cyberattacks Target Small Businesses, Study Finds

Almost half of all cyberattacks (43%) are directed at small businesses, according to data compiled by the small businesses mentoring specialists at SCORE.

Macro malware is the predominant type of cybercrime affecting small businesses, with online banking and ransomware attacks trailing close behind.

Small businesses were affected by 113,000…

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First Mortgage Originations Continue Steady Rise, According to Equifax Data

First mortgage originations have continued to show a slight but steady increase, with more than 2.77 million first mortgages originated year-to-date through May 2018, reflecting a total dollar amount of $689.8 billion during this period, according to data from the latest Equifax National Consumer Credit Trends…

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AARP Rolls Out New Social Security Resources and Research

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who are somewhat confused by the ways Social Security works, AARP has a new resource you may be interested in checking out.

AARP responded recently to an announced cost of living adjustment (COLA) for Social Security beneficiaries in 2019.

COLA levels…

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The Top Dog Breeds in America

Who’s America’s Top Dog? Healthy pet food brand Ollie found out recently.

Contrary to cultural notions where families have a golden retriever running in a picket-fenced backyard, the most common dog in America’s household is the chihuahua. After the chihuahua, the most popular breeds are the…

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The Older Generations Are the Most Creditworthy, According to Study

A new study from online loan marketplace LendingTree finds that older Americans tend to have the best credit scores.

On average, members of the silent generation (the oldest cohort) have credit scores 100 points higher than those of millennials.

Key takeaways

Millennials and Gen Xers have, on average, “fair” credit…

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Americans Would Rather Renovate than Buy a New Home, Zillow Finds

Across the country, people are largely happy with their current homes, and would rather stay in them and make updates than move, according to a new report from online real estate company Zillow.

Zillow finds that 76 percent of Americans would rather use a set amount of money to upgrade…

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Do You Practice Home Fire Drills? Have You Installed Smoke Alarms?

The American Red Cross is reminding everyone that fire prevention demands some action on the part of homeowners and renters.

Americans should take two simple steps – practice fire drills at home and test smoke alarms monthly – to stay safe from the nation’s most frequent and deadliest disaster.

On average…

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