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Fraud is a Top Concern for Business Owners

Roughly 20 percent of business owners recently reported that they are concerned about both internal and external fraud, according to a survey of 1,069 business owners conducted recently by insurer Nationwide.

In fact, fraud ranks right up there with cyberattacks (28 percent), the Affordable Care Act (29 percent) and…

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Veterans Thriving as Small Business Owners, Study Finds

With Veterans Day just past, it’s good to know that the veteran small business community is doing relatively well in the U.S.

In fact, optimism among veteran small business owners is outpacing the nation’s small businesses as a whole, according to this year’s Allstate/USA Today…

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Why Rural Broadband Matters to Us All

City dwellers probably don’t think much about rural broadband. However, the increasing importance of technology in raising the food on everyone’s table suggests that they should.

For instance, new Smart Farm technologies can give America’s growers the ability to monitor crop conditions in real time, respond to…

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Is Employment Growth Slowing?

We’ve seen some real volatility in the job market recently, with the economy adding a truly feeble number of jobs in September, followed by a strong gain last month. But is there a general slowdown trend in job growth? Some believe there is.

Gad Levanon, Chief Economist, North America…

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Your Dog, Your Gums

Did you know you can get gum disease from your lover, or even your dog?

Gum disease is a serious condition. It can impair your health in many ways, and even make you more susceptible to infection following surgery.

Former surgical nurse Jeanne Dockins, (RN, BSN) has become something of…

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The Best (and Worst) Holiday Office Parties

Holiday office parties offer an opportunity for co-workers to mingle in a relaxed environment. They can be fun and lively, or awkward and boring. Some cities seem to do better than others at entertaining the troops.

Staffing firm OfficeTeam recently interviewed workers from 27 major U.S. cities on…

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Debit Card Fraud Is on the Rise

A growing number of debit cards are being compromised at ATMs and at merchants these days, analytics and data science expert FICO reports.

In fact, the number of cards compromised at U.S. ATMs and merchants rose 39 percent in the first six months of 2017, compared to the same…

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FICO Doubles the Power of Cybersecurity Score to Predict Breaches

Fair Isaac, the company that brings us the FICO Score, is making strides to predict when organizations are vulnerable to cyber-attack. It’s about time.

The recent Equifax breach is on everyone’s mind. People want to know how one of the “Big Three” consumer credit bureaus could have…

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These Are the States Where Auto Insurance Costs Less

CarData Consultants recently ranked the 50 states according to which ones have the lowest average auto insurance premiums. The results aren’t all that surprising.

While insurance rates have been steadily rising across the country, states with lower premiums do still exist.

The 10 states that feature the lowest premium…

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Social Media Lies

While many paint a picture-perfect life on social media, one of the dangers is that it helps hide traditional warning signs of abuse, according to new data from skin care, bold color cosmetics and fragrances seller Mary Kay.

Mary Kay has released data from its eighth annual Truth About…

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