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USAGov’s Guide to the Fourth of July

This July 4 marks the 242nd anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States.

The declaration announced the colonies’ separation from Britain in 1776, but celebrating Independence Day every year became popular after the War of 1812. In 1870…

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4th of July Road Safety Tips, from the National Safety Council

National Safety Council calculations indicate 164 people may be killed on the road during the upcoming Fourth of July holiday period, and an additional 18,600 may be seriously injured in crashes.

That estimate is nearly 4 percent higher than the actual number of deaths – 157 – that occurred in 2012…

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Creative Skills Can Get You a Great Job

Discussions about in-demand job skills usually focus on technical proficiency. However, there’s ample evidence that having creative skills can also boost a person’s prospects for employment.

New research from staffing firm The Creative Group shows that digital initiatives will drive hiring of creative professionals in the second…

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Shocking: 65% of Teens Wish They Could Curb Their Smartphone Use

A new national survey conducted by Screen Education finds that teens are so troubled by their smartphone addiction that they want to reduce their screen time.

Screen Education is a non-profit organixation dedicated to mitigating the negative consequences of screen addiction through research, education, and consulting.

According to the…

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These Places Have the Most Student Debt, According to LendingTree

Online loan marketplace LendingTree has released its study on the places with the most student debt.

To determine whether there are geographic variations in student debt, LendingTree analysts looked at a sample of anonymized users who logged into My LendingTree in the first quarter of 2018 and calculated how many…

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The Up-Side of Student Debt

Millions of Americans are burdened with student debt. This burden causes many to put their lives off, delaying home-buying new vehicle loans and other credit-intensive activities. However, there can be an upside.

According to analytics software firm FICO (of FICO Score fame), student loan borrowers can improve their…

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Fishing with a Drone

A drone fishing rod has entered the market.

RoboRod, whose products marry the technology of drones with traditional rod and reel sports fishing, developed the thing.

Paul Leslie, the company’s chief development officer, said “It’s probably the biggest development in the fishing rod since the addition of the…

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Employees Are Job Hunting Due to Broken Business Processes, Nintex Study Finds

Many employees are eyeing the door – job hunting out of frustration with broken business processes, a new study from intelligent process automation specialist Nintex.

Undefined paths for career advancement lead to poor annual reviews, preventing employees from reaching their full potential, and literally push American workers out the door.


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IT Skills Gap Is Slowing Global Economic Growth

A lack of critical IT skills is actually slowing the growth of the global economy, a new study from IT and professional training services Global Knowledge suggests.

Global Knowledge’s 11th annual IT Skills and Salary Report was based on responses from 16,000 IT professionals from around the world…

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