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American Income Increases – How It Breaks Down

Americans are making more money these days, but they’re also spending more.

Personal income increased $54.8 billion (0.3 percent) in July according to estimates released by the government’s Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Disposable personal income (DPI, or after-tax income) increased $52.5 billion (0.3…

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Small SUV Average Transaction Prices Weaken, According to Kelley Blue Book

Vehicle transaction prices keep going up. However, in the best-selling small SUV segment, price increases are slowing, according to Kelley Blue Book. What gives?

Kelley Blue Book reports the estimated average transaction price for light vehicles in the United States was $35,541 in August 2018. New-vehicle prices…

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Are You Underpaid?

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to how satisfied U.S. workers are with their compensation. The good: 49 percent of professionals surveyed by global staffing firm Robert Half feel they are paid fairly at their jobs. The bad: 46 percent think they are underpaid. The…

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U.S. Will Become a Buyers Market for Houses in 2020, According to Zillow

Home sellers will continue to hold more negotiating power than buyers for the next year and a half, according to the results of a survey of real estate economists and experts from online real estate company Zillow.

This quarterly survey, sponsored by Zillow and conducted by Pulsenomics LLC, asked more…

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Productivity News Gets Better

Some good news on the economy got an upside revision last week.

In August, economists were surprised and thrilled by the latest report on labor productivity from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The reason for this excitement? Productivity increased more during the second quarter of 2018 than it…

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Where One Dollar Will Get You the Most Living Space

Online real estate company Zillow has figured out where one dollar will buy you the most home.

It’s no secret that housing prices have been quickly climbing over the past decade — the median home value in the U.S. is higher than ever before, at almost $220,000, and…

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Credit Card Rewards Battle Goes On

As credit card customers drive up credit card debt to an all-time high, more of them are switching cards for a better rewards program, according to a J.D. Power Study.

The study finds that 47% of credit card customers who switched to a new card within the past…

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The Tooth Fairy, and the Economy

Is the Tooth Fairy’s generosity a good gauge of the economy overall? Some think so.

Dental and health savings online marketplace’s Original Tooth Fairy Poll shows that the fairy’s dental payouts are a good indicator of the economy.

During the most recent recession, the average…

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