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Bringing “Credit Invisibles” Into the Light

Too many people suffer from a lack of credit history, a condition that deprives them of access to homes, cars – even jobs. They are the “credit invisibles” and some new data sheds light on ways to improve their lot in life.

Information services company Experian said its research estimates there…

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Is the University “Tuition Tsunami” Ready to End?

After years of passing big annual tuition increases, university leaders now fear that they won’t be able to maintain enrollment. Is the tuition explosion that has created a generation of young debt slaves finally reaching a point of unsustainability?

Let’s hope so, since tuition is still on the…

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Are We Privacy Hypocrites?

People are becoming more aware (and worried) about securing their personal information on their devices, yet few are taking even the most basic steps to protect theirs, a new study finds.

Security software Trend Micro said its recently-commissioned study found that 40% of mobile users do not use a…

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What’s In Your Credit Report?

Credit reports are things of mystery to many people. Though these reports are used to gauge credit-worthiness for a range of common consumer lending transactions – and are even used as part of a background check for a potential job – many people don’t know what is in them, or…

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Deer in the Headlights

More and more drivers are colliding with deer these days, according to insurer State Farm. These collisions are happening across the country at an alarming rate.

State Farm said that drivers have one-out-169 chance of hitting a deer this year. Those aren’t such great odds, (not for…

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I’m OK; He’s the Incompetent One

A new survey finds that a majority of American workers believe that a skills gap” exists. However, most do not think that they are part of the problem.

Online learning specialist Udemy’s Skills Gap Index survey found that 95% of workers consider themselves to be either qualified or overqualified…

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The Fed Is In No Hurry to Raise Rates

In a much anticipated statement, the Fed vowed last week to keep interest rates near zero for “a considerable time.” However, it did set a more aggressive schedule of projections for rate hikes in the future.

It’s no secret that interest rates have been very, very low since the…

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Five Generations Working Together

The future of work will be complex, exciting and technologically sophisticated – and a new study finds that most companies aren’t prepared for it.

Oxford Economics and software firm SAP teamed up on the study, called Workforce 2020, which found that companies lack the vision and tools to manage the…

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Apple Pay Promises Easier, More Secure Mobile Payments

Apple made some waves this month with announcements about its new products. But while the iPhone 6 generated excitement, it was the introduction of Apple Pay that had banks, credit unions and payments giants rushing in.

American Express, MasterCard and Visa almost immediately pledge support for the new mobile payment…

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Vehicle Recalls May Hurt Sales of Some Vehicles

Well-publicized recalls of Ford, Toyota and General Motors vehicles don’t always put a dent in the affected companies’ sales, says a new report from the National Auto Dealers Association.

According to NADA, the number of safety-related recalls is nearing record territory, with more than 39 million vehicles…

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