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The Phat Life of the Expat

Have you ever thought of living in another country, but wondered which ones would offer the best quality-of-life? Some new rankings make it easier to make the right expat choice.

Findings from the Expat Explorer survey – (wherein YouGov polled expats from more than 100 countries on behalf of…

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Is Ebola a Threat to Pets?

Members of the American Veterinary Medical Association have been fielding a lot of questions lately about possible threats to household pets from the Ebola virus. For now, the risks seem manageable, but there is some cause for concern.

There have been sporadic outbreaks of Ebola since virus was first discovered…

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Know Your Financial Rights

Most people don’t know their financial rights when dealing with credit issuers, if the results of a recent FICO survey are to be believed. We thought we’d clarify a few things so that you are in a better position to manage your financial life:

For instance, did you…

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Wear Your Credit Union

The combination of mobile payments and innovative new mobile devices may soon allow millions of credit union members to literally wear their CUs.

Just a few years ago, wearable mobile devices were seen as a niche category in the market – or worse, a gimmick. The trend was toward bigger screens…

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Safer Mobile Banking

More and more credit union members are embracing the “anywhere, anytime” convenience of mobile banking. But many are worried about the security of their data. Here are a few tips for safe banking while on the go.

For starters, these security concerns are very real: application security specialist Arxan found…

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Women in the Driver’s Seat

Women are the dominant decision-makers in the car-buying process, yet auto makers still aren’t doing enough to cater to their needs, a new study finds.

The study, from professional services firm Frost & Sullivan, finds that there are now more women than men on the road in…

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Fuel Efficiency Sells Cars

Fuel efficiency is now the #1 motivator people cite when making a vehicle purchase, according to some new research.

The study – from the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and Plastics Make it Possible (really, that’s their name) – found that more than three-quarters (79%) of Americans put fuel efficiency ahead…

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Employees to Boss: Get Creative

A new survey finds that employees often want their companies to be more creative, and take more risks, when developing advertising and marketing campaigns.

Placement service The Creative Group (TCG) and AIGA said they have been researching worker attitudes toward their company’s efforts, and found that employees want to…

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Car Shopping by Smartphone

People are increasingly using their smartphones to find and share information about new and used vehicles, finds J.D. Power. The really lucky ones are credit union members, who can add their CU’s social media channels to their auto buying social networks.

In a new report, J.D. Power…

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Welcome to International Credit Union Day!

Since 1948, the third Thursday in October has been designated as International Credit Union (ICU) Day, with the World Council of Credit Unions acting as MC. This is the day to celebrate the international credit union movement in all its not-for-profit glory.

For ICU Day 2014, the theme…

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