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Scam Alert: Phishing for Your Money

Online fraudsters are busier than ever, according to a new study. An increasingly popular scheme involves setting up fake sites that mimic financial organizations – all in an effort to steal your money.

The study, from Kaspersky Lab, tracked financial cyber threats in 2013. According to the data collected, 31.45…

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Parents More Confident About College Savings

American parents are feeling more confident than they have in years about saving for college, according to a new report.

The report – from student loan funder Sallie Mae and researcher Ipsos – found that the amount parents saved for college rose 29% in 2013, from the 2012 average of $3,398…

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How Far Would You Go to Save Money?

Would you “go commando” before you would buy used underwear, just to save a few bucks? If you said “yes,” you’re in good company.

Tax preparer H&R Block recently polled young people to find out what they would be willing to do to save money. The company…

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What Will You Do with your Tax Refund?

Many Americans have plans for their 2013 tax refunds, according to a new survey by John Hancock Financial Services.

More than half of those surveyed expect to get a tax refund this year, and 17% of them plan to spend it. Of those, 56% plan to spend theirs on a…

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Will Your Social Media Vanity Cause a Traffic Accident?

People who take pictures of themselves while driving may be more likely to cause accidents, according to a Dallas law firm.

While the practice of texting-while-driving has accumulated a well-earned reputation as a cause of accidents, the relatively new practice of taking “selfies” for use on social…

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Stopping Fraud, in the Blink of an Eye

New technology promises to help keep criminals from stealing your personal data even as you swipe your credit card at the store.

This new anti-fraud arsenal comes from predictive analytics specialist FICO, (yes, that FICO), who say it works in real time, using Big Data, and performing 15,000…

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Avoid These Home Insurance Mistakes

Getting the best deal on a home insurance policy involves more than just finding a low monthly payment, as many of the respondents in a new Consumer Reports survey say they found out the hard way.

Consumer Reports recently compiled insurance company ratings following a national survey of insured homeowners…

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Study: Credit Unions Do Mobile Banking Just Fine

Forty two of the 50 largest credit unions offer customers just what they desire in mobile banking services, according to the results of a new survey from personal finance site GoBankingRates.

The company said it surveyed 1,500 people to find out which mobile banking features they use most often…

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Fear Rises Over Consumer Delinquents

It may soon become a bit more difficult to get a good deal on a credit card or loan, if some new survey findings hold true.

Predictive analytics specialist FICO said that it recently surveyed bankers in North America, and found a rising concern over consumer credit card and loan…

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The New Generation Gap

Millennials are struggling more with debt and cash management than are members of previous generations, according to a new study.

Professional services firm PwC said it interviewed more than 2,100 full-time employed adults as part of its Employee Financial Wellness Survey – which tracks the financial and retirement wellbeing…

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