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The Hidden Tax on Your New Car

Before you buy a new car, keep in mind that the cost of insurance can vary enormously from one car model to the next. On some vehicles, it’s almost like an extra tax you have to keep paying, month after month.

Online insurance quote service has released…

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Your Resume: One Mistake Can Cost You a Job

Employers have become a bit more lenient about disqualifying job candidates who make mistakes on their resumes. But many will still do just that – even for a minor typo – according to some new research.

Specialized staffing service Accountemps said it recently surveyed senior managers across the country, and found that…

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Where Millennials Work Happy

A new study ranks the top ten workplaces in the U.S. for young people based on employee assessment surveys.

San Francisco advisory services firm Great Place to Work said it put its proprietary assessment tools to work finding the best companies for workers under 35 years old (Millennials) on…

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May’s Best New Car Deals

If you’re planning on shopping for a new vehicle before the end of the month, Kelley Blue Book wants you to know about the 10 best deals available right now.

KBB’s editors have picked their top 10 new car deals for the month of May. They say that…

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IRS Gives Up Effort to Regulate Tax Preparers

It looks like the Internal Revenue Service is throwing in the towel in its fight to regulate tax preparers. This is good news or not-so-good news, depending on where you stand.

This fight began in 2010, when the IRS announced that it was beefing up standards for tax…

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“D” Is for “Deferred Interest”

A new campaign aims to help parents of young children prepare for the “sticker shock” of college costs, and start them early on the road to saving for college.

Investment management firm T. Rowe Price said that it created its new campaign as a stress-reducing way to…

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How Do They Keep Solar Panels Clean?

A dirty solar panel can lose up to 35% of its output, but it’s a big job keeping them clean –especially when some installations contain thousands of the things.

One Israeli firm came up with a solution by designing a special robotic panel cleaning system specifically for photovoltaic solar…

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How Much Cash Do You Carry?

A growing number of Americans are carrying a shrinking amount of cash, according to new data from Bankrate.

The company said that 78% of respondents to its recent survey said they carry $50 or less in cash each day. A full 49% of respondents said they carry $20 or less…

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Americans Worry More about Money, Job Security

An index measuring financial security was down in May, as more Americans express concerns about job security.

Bankrate said that its Financial Security Index has declined for the second month in a row during May. The May read was 98.7, with readings below 100 indicating lower financial security than…

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Ambulance Chasing by Smartphone?

A new mobile app promises to help personal injury and workers compensation attorneys to find the right doctor, fast. The app covers the great car accident paradise of Southern California.

Specialist doctors form a cottage industry in areas like SoCal. Here’s how it works: If you’re in an…

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