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Americans Would Rather Catch Up on Bills than Spend

Catching up on bills and avoiding debt are the highest financial priorities for many Americans these days, according to a new report from Bankrate.

With unemployment down and incomes (finally) rising, many Americans are doing better than they have in years. However, this does not mean that they are eager…

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What Matters More: Having Confidence, or a Good Reputation?

What makes companies stronger: having confidence, or enjoying a good reputation? A recent study of U.S. company stakeholders drew some interesting conclusions.

Stakeholders — including investors, business-to-business customers, employees and public influencers – were polled on which qualities make them more likely to support a company.

When it comes…

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Get Creative with Your Thanksgiving Sides this Year

“Leave the Thanksgiving turkey alone, but give us some interesting sides and deserts” say the American people in a new survey from spice maker McCormick.

While the majority of survey respondents said they want a traditional turkey taste, around 40% of them want interesting side dishes, and 38% want the…

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The High Cost of Blurry Checks

Did you know that financial institutions expend more than 5 million employee hours per year correcting minor errors on checks? It’s true – and you should care since, as a credit union member, you are the part owner of a financial institution.

Digital Check Corp, which provides check scanning technology…

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People Appreciate Financial Transparency. Who Knew?

The financial world is now learning what the credit union movement has known all along: people like it when the financial information that is being kept on them, is shared with them.

Predictive analytics specialist FICO – of FICO Score fame – said that new research shows that offering free FICO scores…

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Moving from Temp to Perm

Many part-time workers are finding it a struggle to move into a full-time position, a new study from CareerBuilder finds.

In the study, 32% of part-time workers surveyed say they haven’t been able to land a full-time job despite wanting to work full time.


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Home Winterization Can Save You Big Bucks

Making the right moves to winterize your home can save you hundreds of dollars this winter.

For instance, the U.S. Department of Energy said that a typical U.S. family spends at least $2,200 per year on home utility bills – with heating and cooling accounting for around 48…

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Don’t Lie About Your Income

Have you lied about your income on an application for a car loan? Many people do, but the technology used to catch “cheaters” is getting more sophisticated — and a little white lie may just get you denied the credit you need to buy your next car.

First, you should know…

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Phishing for Investors

A website set up to help investors recover stocks and cash from failed brokerage firms is now being used by crooks in phishing schemes.

The Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), which maintains a special reserve fund mandated by Congress to protect the customers of insolvent brokerage firms, is warning of…

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It’s “Slip and Fall” Season for Small Businesses

Business owners in wintery climes should be on their guard lest their employees slip and fall on ice and snow. It turns out that nearly a third of all workers’ compensation claims result from these types of accidents.

These types of claims have risen dramatically: Accident Fund Insurance Company of…

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