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Self-Esteem is a Fragile Thing

A new study finds that the outward appearance of high self-esteem often hides a tragic lack of inner self-confidence.

According to – a site that offers online psychological assessments – some of the most narcissistic people we know are actually people with major self-esteem issues.

The company…

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Falling Oil Prices Create Winners, and Losers

With the price of gasoline dropping back below $2.50 per gallon, you would think we could just be happy, and not think too hard about what it all means. It turns out that the recent, massive drop in crude oil prices that produced this wonder at the pump has…

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The Whole World Needs a Raise

If you think that American workers are the only ones suffering from slow wage growth, think again. A new report finds that wages have been nearly frozen in many countries around the world.

The report, called the ILO Global Wage Report, finds that wage growth around the world has not…

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Scientists Get Closer to an Ebola Vaccine

Researchers are racing to develop a vaccine to fight Ebola, and some new research suggests that they may be coming close.

In November, the NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline announced that an experimental vaccine to prevent Ebola virus disease had shown promising…

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Style, Brawn and Batteries

If the idea of riding an e-bike leaves you uninspired, you need to check out these two new offerings from Europe. One offers Italian style, while the other thrills riders with its off-road capabilities.

Benelli’s new Classica brings Italian style, at a price.

Benelli is one of…

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3 Reasons to Get an Auto Loan Through Your Credit Union

The vast majority of car buyers are using some form of financing when they buy a new or used vehicle. More of these folks are choosing to get their loans through credit unions these days. While there are a lot of good reasons for this, we’ll narrow it down…

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Stay Warm, and Solvent, this Winter

Keeping your home warm this winter has gotten a bit easier for many Americans, thanks to lower fuel oil prices. But, the cost of home heating still eats up a lot of your family budget.

To avoid paying more than you should Generac – a company that makes generators – has put…

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Hunger in America: Here’s What You Can Do to Help

Sixteen million American children face hunger each day, according to the non-profit organization Feeding America. This equates to one out of every five children in the country. With the holiday season in full swing, many Americans are eager to do what they can to help people in need.


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The Perils of Last Minute Gifting

More and more Americans are waiting until the last minute to buy their holiday gifts. Fast shipping from online stores and brick-and-mortar stores keeping late hours have given us the sense that we can put things off until there’s no time left. If you’re taking part…

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Help Someone Start the New Year Right

As credit union members we know that the benefits of membership go beyond practical matters of banking. We know that CUs strengthen communities, and give us the sense that we’re a part of something good in the world. With 2015 around the corner, why not share the joys of…

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