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How Do They Keep Solar Panels Clean?

A dirty solar panel can lose up to 35% of its output, but it’s a big job keeping them clean –especially when some installations contain thousands of the things.

One Israeli firm came up with a solution by designing a special robotic panel cleaning system specifically for photovoltaic solar…

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How Much Cash Do You Carry?

A growing number of Americans are carrying a shrinking amount of cash, according to new data from Bankrate.

The company said that 78% of respondents to its recent survey said they carry $50 or less in cash each day. A full 49% of respondents said they carry $20 or less…

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Americans Worry More about Money, Job Security

An index measuring financial security was down in May, as more Americans express concerns about job security.

Bankrate said that its Financial Security Index has declined for the second month in a row during May. The May read was 98.7, with readings below 100 indicating lower financial security than…

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Ambulance Chasing by Smartphone?

A new mobile app promises to help personal injury and workers compensation attorneys to find the right doctor, fast. The app covers the great car accident paradise of Southern California.

Specialist doctors form a cottage industry in areas like SoCal. Here’s how it works: If you’re in an…

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Tablets Lose Some Luster

A new report finds that consumer satisfaction with tablet devices has declined overall, as more value-priced brands have entered the market.

J.D. Power – in its 2014 U.S. Tablet Satisfaction Study—Volume 1 — finds that overall satisfaction with the popular devices has decreased in 2014, by 18 points…

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Find a Winery Tour Wherever You Travel

According to a 2013 article in The Washington Post the number of wineries in the U.S. has grown from 2,000 in Y2K to more than 8,000 –and they can now be found in all 50 states. Now there’s a website that can help you find your…

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Do We Need a National Hamburger Month?

The company that bills itself as “America’s first fast-food hamburger chain” has declared May to be National Hamburger Month, and promises to host a month-long celebration.

White Castle opened its doors in 1921, and currently operates more than 400 restaurants in 12 states. In case you don…

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People Who Learn More, Save More

People who increase their financial literacy tend to do a better job of saving for retirement, according to a new study.

The National Association for Retirement Plan Participants said it recently studied 5,000 such participants, asking a series of questions testing the participants’ ability to answer basic financial questions…

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The Best Place to Retire Is…South Dakota?

While it may lack the year-round warmth of Florida or Arizona, the beautiful state of South Dakota has nonetheless been ranked as the best place to retire in the whole United States.

New research from shows that some popular retirement spots have been surpassed in terms of…

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Does Your Pet Love Your Vet?

There’s a contest underway to find and celebrate extraordinary veterinary professionals, and your pet certainly gets a say.

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) is seeking nominations for America’s Favorite Veterinarian – a contest that “celebrates the special relationships pet owners share with their veterinarians…” The Foundation said it…

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