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The Apple Watch is More Powerful than It Looks

Apple unveiled its new line of smart watches last week, and the reaction they received was decidedly mixed. While some people were impressed with the new devices, others proclaimed them to be niche products, or even gimmicks. No one, it seems, saw The Future in these devices. Here’s why…

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Tax Refunds: to Spend, or to Save?

Tax season is right around the corner, and millions of Americans will be getting a refund check for the government. Some of them are already planning how to spend theirs, while others will pay down debt, or build their savings.

According to some new research from, just 3…

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Speak Irish, Will Ye?

The Irish are known for their colorful language and artful turns of phrase. They’re famous for vivid storytelling, proverbs and blessings — and having a bit of fun with strangers. On this most Irish of days, we thought we’d arm you with a few key Irish words and phrases…

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Saint Patrick’s Day

We hope you remembered to wear some green today, because it’s St. Patrick’s Day! This is the day to celebrate all things Irish, and many aspects of St. Pats Day have become all-American traditions.

For one thing, America has long been the home to the largest St…

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Shark vs. Dyson – Who Makes the Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

J.D. Power has been busy collecting consumer opinions on the all-important subject of upright vacuum cleaners. While many brands ranked high in customer satisfaction, only one could emerge as the champion.

Before the big reveal, we’ll point out that the J.D. Power 2015 Vacuum Satisfaction Study…

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“Other Than a Raise, What Do You Want?”

We’d all like to be paid more money. Costs are rising, and middle-class incomes aren’t keeping up. But if a raise is out of the question, is there anything else your employer could offer that would make you happier with your job?

That’s exactly the kind…

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Used Vehicle Prices Should Drop This Year

Flat new vehicle prices in 2015 will have the effect of putting downward pressure on used vehicle prices, according to a new report from the National Automobile Dealers Association.

With automakers cranking out new vehicles at a brisk pace — and offering generous incentives to get people to buy them – the…

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The Most Important Meal

If breakfast is the most important meal, why are so many of us switching from eating a traditional, full breakfast to relying on individually-wrapped snack bars in the morning?

The obvious answer is that we’re too busy to eat a proper breakfast. We’re on the move, and…

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Do These Seals Make You Trust Online Sellers?

You’ve probably noticed that many e-commerce sites have little logos and seals at the bottom of their pages, with names like Trustwave, McAfee or the Better Business Bureau attached to them. They are there to signify that the site is either accredited by a trusted organization, or covered…

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Does Friday the 13th Really Bring Bad Luck?

Is Friday the 13th really an unlucky day? Should we all just stay home to be safe? The evidence is unclear.

For instance, a British study that was conducted in 1993 discovered a disturbing rise in auto accidents on the day. In an article published in the British Medical Journal…

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