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Even Creative People Don’t Like Change

Change in the workplace may be inevitable, but we don’t have to like it. While change often brings good things in the long run, in the short term it usually evokes a feeling of confusion and uncertainty. This is why change is greeted with wariness by most workers – even…

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Here Are This Year’s High-Paying Careers

Staffing specialists Robert Half Technology and The Creative Group have put together their 2015 Salary Guides, and have listed the top six high paying careers of 2015.

In general, salaries will continue to rise for professionals in the technology and creative fields this year. Concepts like Big Data and the…

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American’s Most Popular Vehicles

Peer behavior is among the biggest factors influencing purchasing decisions. People see others embracing a particular product and think, ‘there must be something good about that one.’ This is true for many products, including vehicles.

So, it is no small news when car valuation website Edmunds tallies up its website…

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Should You Really Send Someone a “Glitterbomb”?

Pranks and practical jokes can be good, harmless fun. And it is in that spirit that a company has launched a service that allows you to send people “bombs” that explode in a hail of glitter.

The service — which is appropriately called – charges $9.99 to send this…

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America’s Most Innovative Workers Call These Cities Home

Staffing firm Robert Half set out recently to find out where the most innovative, creative workers are to be found in the United States. If you were expecting the usual places, (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc. – cities that consider themselves to be the most innovative), prepare to be…

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Crowd-Funded Garage Door Opener Works with Smartphone

Crowdfunding is allowing everyday people to raise money to fund their inventions and start-up businesses. Case in point: a new garage door opener that can be accessed with a smartphone or a smart keypad, which is being presented to citizen-investors on Indiegogo.

Developed by California inventors Anne Sutardji…

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Colorado’s Marijuana Entrepreneurs May Soon Have Their Own Credit Union

Colorado’s burgeoning population of marijuana industry has made big strides over the past year, but the state’s budding pot entrepreneurs still don’t have a place to do their banking. A new credit union is being launched to address this problem.

Marijuana may be legal in Colorado (and…

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There’s a New Mobile App for Last-Minute Bookings

Getting a hotel room at the last minute can be a challenge’ getting a last-minute booking while you’re traveling can be almost impossible. In an effort to provide travelers with an easy option, hotel booking site has released a new mobile app called Booking Now that…

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Companies Are Now More Willing to Negotiate Salary

During the darkest days of this post-2008 economic slump it became unusual for employers to negotiate on salary during the hiring process. Jobs were scarce, and even successful applicants often got a “take it or leave it” salary offer. Now there’s evidence that things are starting to change…

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Nominations are Being Accepted for the Hero Dog Awards

A national campaign from The American Humane Association aims to honor America’s dog heroes, and is currently accepting nominations.

The Humane Association is encouraging dog companions to nominate their canine heroes in categories including Therapy Dogs, Service Dogs, Law Enforcement Dogs, Military Dogs, Arson Dogs; Search and Rescue Dogs…

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