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Scam alert: LED Lamps with Counterfeit UL Marks May be Hazardous

Safety consulting and certifying company UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is warning of some LED lamps being sold to American consumers that bear a counterfeit UL Mark. This may mean that the lamps don’t actually meet current safety standards, and shouldn’t be used in homes.

You’ve probably seen the…

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Credit Unions Had a Pretty Good Year

The November Credit Union Trends Report from the Credit Union National Association found that CUs generally increased their lending activity during 2014 as the economy improved. However, several challenges face CUs as we move into 2015.

CUNA reported that credit union loan balances rose faster in the latter part of…

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Jewelry That Has Your Back

A new kind of wearable technology promises to keep you looking elegant, even as it protects you from harm.

Called Stiletto, this new line of high-tech jewelry offers wearers real-time text, call, and social notifications, smart-tag and phone tracking, multi-party emergency calling and texting, voice and…

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Heart Your Heart This Year

One of the most popular resolutions we make is to get healthier in the New Year. It’s also one of the most difficult ones to keep, since a combination of work stress, routine and temptation often combine to knock us out of our early-year healthy lifestyle routines. But…

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What Your Dentist Can Tell You about Your Heart

Believe it or not, your dental health can be a window into your overall health – making it all the more important that you see your dentist on a regular basis. Here is how one dentist, Dr. Farzad Feiz, explains how your teeth and gums can offer insight into other possible…

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3 Ways to Keep Track of Your Credit Score

A sudden, unexpected change in your credit score may be the first warning you get that someone has stolen your financial identity, so keeping track of your score has become a “must” for maintaining your privacy and security. In the past, doing so would be difficult and/or expensive, but…

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Meatloaf Muffins?

Comfort food is really in this year, apparently. In our never-ending quest to provide our Members with useful information, we’ve recently come across several recipe compilations that are all about the comfort factor. However, some are more interesting than others. This one is a doozy:

Muffin Pan Meat…

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Incentive Pay Makes a Comeback

Employers had the upper hand during the tough times following the financial crisis, so employees often had to do without raises or bonus pay. With the economy improving, it seems that some employees are in high enough demand that employers are once again offering incentive pay to keep them on…

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Self-Esteem is a Fragile Thing

A new study finds that the outward appearance of high self-esteem often hides a tragic lack of inner self-confidence.

According to – a site that offers online psychological assessments – some of the most narcissistic people we know are actually people with major self-esteem issues.

The company…

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Falling Oil Prices Create Winners, and Losers

With the price of gasoline dropping back below $2.50 per gallon, you would think we could just be happy, and not think too hard about what it all means. It turns out that the recent, massive drop in crude oil prices that produced this wonder at the pump has…

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