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Drowning in Credit Card Debt

About 1 in 6 credit card holders in America’s biggest cities carry a balance of $10,000 or more, according to a new report from CompareCards, and none of those cities has a higher percentage of these cardholders than Bridgeport, Connecticut.

CompareCards analyzed a…

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60% of Vehicles Refinanced on the Road Are Pickup Trucks

Trucks are refinanced more than any other personal vehicle type on the road and driving higher monthly refinance savings ($89 on average in 2018 for truck owners versus $77 on average for car owners), according to a new report from web-based auto refinance lending platform RateGenius.

Pickup trucks make…

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Global Peacefulness Improves for the First Time in Five Years

The 13th edition of the annual Global Peace Index (GPI) report, the world’s leading measure of global peacefulness, reveals that the average level of global peacefulness improved for the first time in five years.

However, despite improvement, the world remains considerably
less peaceful now than a decade ago, with…

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Father’s Day is June 16

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 16 – in case you need a reminder.

There was a national day honoring mothers long before there was a special day for father’s

In fact, the first Mother’s Day was celebrated in 1914, but
a holiday honoring fathers did not become…

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Autotrader Names 10 Best Cars for Recent College Graduates in 2019

After years of late nights in the library and the local pizza shop, a new set of graduates is finally ready to enter the “real world.” Now, they just need the right car to get them there. Against the backdrop of rising car prices and looming student loan debt, the…

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Top Certified Pre-Owned Deals for June 2019, According to Autotrader

Summer buying season starts full-swing in June as the days get longer and consumers have more free time to shop. With the weather heating up, so are the opportunities to find the perfect car.

Certified pre-owned programs provide a great option for
getting the vehicle you want at…

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How Student Debt Puts a Drag on Entrepreneurship

Student loan debt is keeping almost half of soon-to-be college graduates from becoming entrepreneurs according to a new survey from personal finance website, which looked at the entrepreneurial ambitions of college students graduating in the next 12 months.

These findings reflect broader entrepreneurship trends. New

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