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How to Attract Talented People

Beyond the paycheck, what factors are critical for candidates considering job offers? According to a new survey from staffing firm Accountemps, more than one-quarter of workers (26 percent) cited vacation time as most important.

Corporate culture (24 percent) and career advancement potential (21 percent) came in close behind.


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Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

February Is National Pet Dental Health Month, according to PetFirst Pet Insurance. It’s time to brush up on this all-important aspect of pet care.

In 2017, PetFirst Pet Insurance reported nearly a quarter of a million dollars in claims for gingivitis and periodontal disease and those are just…

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Real Earnings on a Bumpy Path

Real average hourly earnings for all employees decreased 0.2 percent from December to January, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.

This result stems from a 0.3-percent increase in average hourly earnings offset by a 0.5-percent increase in the Consumer Price Index…

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Teaching Kids about Animal Rescue

A new line of plush toys gives kids an education in caring for rescue animals.

KD Group has brought out the line, called Rescue Runts.

Kids find the sweet plush puppies and kitties in broken down crates with tears in their eyes and dirt on their paws, in need of…

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New York Women are Nation’s Most Stressed, According to Study

Life can be stressful in the hustle and bustle of New York. A new study shows just how hard it can be on women.

According to New York State health care provider Northwell Health, life in New York is more stressful than anywhere else.

A national survey of more than…

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Couples Spend an Average of $33,391 on Weddings, Survey Finds

In 2017, the average cost of a wedding was $33,391, with high spenders—those spending an average of $60,000 or more on their weddings—spending an average of $105,130 on their wedding day, according to a new study.

Formal weddings have steadily decreased (20% in 2009 to…

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Information Systems Majors are the Best-Paid Business School Graduates, Study Finds

Here’s a good tip for choosing a major: Students who earn degrees in Information Systems (IS) earn higher starting salaries than fellow business-school counterparts.

Additionally, IS students benefit from one of the strongest national placement averages.

These statistics are just some of the findings from the latest edition…

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250 Million Consumers Now Get Free FICO Scores

A growing number of consumers now have access to their FICO score, free of charge.

Many credit and debit card issuers offer free credit scores these days. However, the gold standard of credit scores is the FICO score. This is because lenders more often use the FICO score in evaluating…

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Treat Your Valentine to the Feast of Lupercalia

The exact origins of Valentine’s Day are murky, according to the Library of Congress. Cynics say it was created by greeting card and candy companies. But in fact the day may have its roots in more ancient traditions.

Ancient Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia, a spring festival, on…

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Millennials, and Second-Hand Luxury Goods

Millennials are suckers for luxury brands, just like older folk. It’s just that they’re not willing to spend luxury money on them. In fact, younger adults are happy to buy luxury items used. So says Beverly Hills pawn broker The Loan Companies.

Jordan Tabach-Bank, CEO of The…

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