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Tests Help Assess Allergy Risk. Helps You Choose A pet

New blood tests may help healthcare providers identify if patients are sensitized to up to 11 different molecular allergen component proteins found in dogs, cats, or horses, according to life science company Thermo Fisher Scientific.

The assays analyze sensitivity to specific proteins found in
the skin, fur and saliva of…

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Get a Vintage Bargain on National Thrift Store Day

When was the last time you shopped at a thrift store? As in, an actual brick-and-mortar thrift store? If it’s been a while, then plan to spend some time thrifting this weekend, because Saturday is National Thrift Store Day.

According to The Association of Resale Professionals, there…

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Food Guilt is Real for Many Parents

Parents are feeling increasing pressures from other parents and peers, particularly when feeding their kids, according to a new study from Maple Leaf Foods.

The research reveals a third of Canadian parents want others
to think they are the ‘perfect parent’ (31 per cent) and feel guilty for
feeding their…

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Can Online Appliance Reviews Can be Trusted?

Have you researched a product online before purchase? Most of us have, and the results can be frustrating. Dig around the search results and you’ll find fake “shill” reviews, barely-literate clickbait reviews designed just to draw you into an ad site, and even fake peer reviews.

Cleanup Expert…

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Vacation Home Guilt

Those fortunate enough to purchase a vacation home intend to make good use of their property, although LendingTree’s latest survey of secondary homeowners finds that many haven’t been able to do so. 

LendingTree commissioned a survey of consumers who own or
have owned an additional home outside of…

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The 10 Best Back-to-School Cars of 2019

The 2019-2020 school year is right around the corner, and many parents and students are thinking about their transportation needs to campus and activities. With another semester about to kick-off, the editors at Kelley Blue Book have named the 10 Best Back-to-School Cars of 2019.


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Health Centers Where You Don’t Expect Them

Americans are getting health care in some unusual places these days. Health centers have sprouted up in shopping centers, pharmacies – even grocery stores. Some are even on wheels. That’s why we’re celebrating National Health Center Week this week.

According to the Health Resources & Services

“Health centers…

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Sending Your Car Away to College

Seeing your child off to college is an emotional transition, especially if they are going far away from home. Sending them away in the family vehicle can create even more worry and stress.

A little advance planning and a well-maintained vehicle can
offer peace-of-mind to parents, says…

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Self-Driving Cars and EVs: The Reality

Self-driving cars and electric vehicles may be the future of personal transport, but a new report from J.D. Power suggests that the future may be coming slower than expected.

Consumers lack confidence in the future of self-driving
vehicles and their outlook isn’t much better about the…

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It’s Back to School Season

Summertime is winding down and vacations are ending, signaling that back-to-school time is here. It’s a time that many children eagerly anticipate — catching up with old friends and making new ones, and settling into a new daily routine.

Parents and children alike scan newspapers and websites

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