Are You Getting a Holiday Bonus?

Maybe it’s just pessimism, but just 22% responding to a recent survey expect to receive a holiday bonus this year.

The survey, conducted for Bankrate by Princeton Survey Research Associates International (PSRAI) – certainly showed what workers would like to see in their holiday stockings.

Their #1 wish would be for a higher salary in 2016 (39% wanted this), followed by better health insurance (18%), a better work/life balance (16%), a new job (10%) and more vacation time (9%).

Of those who do expect a holiday bonus or raise, the most popular plan for that extra money is to increase savings (35%), followed by paying down debt (22%), keeping up with bills (19%) and buying holiday gifts (17%).

If you are getting a bonus or raise, consider the overall impact on your finances – including taxes – before you spend any of it. Otherwise, feel good that your work is valued enough to warrant this treatment.

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