Americans Plan on Keeping Holidays Homey This Year

A new survey from credit card issuer Discover finds that Americans are looking to keep things simple, (and cheap), this holiday season.

Americans plan on entertaining at home and are even willing to ask their guests contribute, the survey found. Around half plan on hosting their Thanksgiving and Christmas day festivities at home, with around 41% looking to spend between $100 and $300 for each party. A full 62% plan to ask guests to bring a dish to the party, Discover said.

If you’re on someone’s holiday gift list, it’s a good bet you’ll be getting a thin piece of plastic this year. Discover found that gift cards were the most asked-for gifts. This is not surprising, since 23% of survey responders admitted that they would throw away, (or at least never use), a gift they didn’t like.

So, if you’re feeling a little bit less flashy this year, don’t fret: You’re in good company. Plan a nice, simple holiday feast, and don’t be shy about asking your guests to bring food and beverages.

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