American’s Most Popular Vehicles

Peer behavior is among the biggest factors influencing purchasing decisions. People see others embracing a particular product and think, ‘there must be something good about that one.’ This is true for many products, including vehicles.

So, it is no small news when car valuation website Edmunds tallies up its website traffic, and lists what it says are the most popular vehicles on

For 2015, Edmunds found that vehicles made by Ford, Chevy and Toyota are the big winners.

Of those car makers, Ford emerged as the most decorated automotive brand in the Most Popular on Awards. This is the second year that Ford took the top spot.

The Most Popular contest measures which vehicles were the most researched on the Edmunds site.

Ford was a top brand in the Entry-Level Sports Car category with the Mustang, and was popular in categories including Large Traditional SUV (Expedition), Large Truck (F-150), Midrange Sports Car (Ford Shelby GT500), Midsize Traditional SUV (Explorer), Subcompact (Fiesta) and Van (Transit Connect, Transit Van).

But while Ford earned the most traffic overall, what’s interesting about the Edmunds data are the diversity of brands represented. Edmund’s said that the 2015 Most Popular Awards recognized a total of 69 vehicles across 23 segments, with winners picked based on the number of monthly unique visitors to the new car research and inventory pages.

You can see the top picks by category HERE.

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