America is Sleep-Deprived

Only around a quarter of U.S. adults are consistently getting adequate sleep, some new research suggests.

A recent survey from allergen barrier bedding maker AllerEase found that the other three-quarters (75%) of U.S. adults experience occasional to frequent sleep disruptions, citing causes such as temperature-related discomfort, experiencing allergy symptoms or needing to use the bathroom.

Nearly six in ten U.S. adults (57%) say they suffer from seasonal or environmental allergies, while 42% say they’ve woken with allergy-like symptoms in just the last month.

AllerEase said that one reason for this type of interrupted sleep could be the presence of household allergens lurking in the bed. The company is offering the following tips for improving your sleep environment:

  • Wash bedding once per week, including comforters and duvet covers, to prevent household allergens from collecting in plush surfaces
  • Wash pillows monthly, or replace them every six months, if they are non-washable
  • Limit liquids and snacks close to bedtime to avoid overnight bathroom breaks
  • Identify optimal sleep temperature and adjust fan, heat or air-conditioning accordingly

Of course, other causes of troubled sleep — such as work stress, money worries or relationship strife – aren’t so easy to alleviate. But keeping critters, dust and pollen out of your bed is still a good idea.

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