A Little Stress is a Good Thing

Many people yearn for a stress-free life. However, a new survey shows that a little bit of work stress helps us to be more productive.

Staffing firm The Creative Group interviewed more than 400 advertising and marketing executives, and nearly a third of them said that the more stress they experience, the better their performance.

Sixty percent said that they thrive under some pressure. Note the word “some.”

The right amount of stress motivates us, and pushes us to perform at our best. Too much stress and we burn out. The trick is to get the stress level right, and we don’t always have control over that.

But we can do things to manage the stress we have. The Creative Group is offering these three tips:

Ask staff for input. Touch base regularly with team members to ensure their to-do lists are reasonable. Help workers with time management and prioritization, and solicit feedback on how to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Encourage teamwork. When it comes to solving business challenges, two (or more) heads are often better than one. Foster collaboration in the workplace by providing plenty of opportunities for staff to partner with each other on initiatives.

Offer relief. Overburdened employees can quickly slip into autopilot, which can stall innovation. Provide project professionals or consultants who can assist core staff during peak activity periods.”

One key takeaway is that you shouldn’t take all the stress upon yourself. Teamwork can help to “spread the load” and make things bearable. Just make sure you’re there for your team mates when they get slammed.

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