A Litter that Monitors Your Cat’s Health

If you live with cats, you know how important their urinary tract health is. Monitoring their health has gotten a bit easier thanks to a unique litter that changes color when PH levels change.

Urinary tract problems pose serious health risks for cats. For male cats especially, they can pose a life-or-death threat – but all cats are at risk of experiencing pain, and possible long-term health consequences, from Feline Urinary Tract Disorders (FLUTD) — or even from just passing urine that that has reached a dangerous PH level.

Cat lovers also know that their feline friends don’t always let them know they’re in pain. Cats are very good at hiding pain, and sometimes the first hint of a urinary tract problem a human companion has comes when their cat stops using the litter box. This is because cats who are experiencing pain when urinating often associate that pain with the litter box itself, and in desperation choose to relieve themselves elsewhere.

All of this makes early detection of urinary tract problems important, and why this cat litter – called Perfect Litter – may be a handy means of monitoring your cat’s health.

It’s a very simple concept: the litter acts as a litmus test, and changes color when the PH of your cat’s urine changes to an unhealthy level. When you go to clean out the litter box, you can immediately see of there has been a change in PH – and possibly get an early warning that your cat needs a trip to the vet.

The people who make Perfect Litter say it is 100% natural, “ultra light, odor controlling and dust-free.” They also say that it won SPCA awards in 2008 and 2012.

Consumer feedback we’ve seen on this company’s litter – at Amazon and elsewhere– has been quite positive overall. In particular, human cat companions noted how light in weight the product is. If you buy your litter in bulk, you know how nice that would be, so it might be worth a try.


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