A Bicycle Basket That’s All-American

Interested in quality, made-in-the-USA products? Here’s an interesting one:

A California company called Warren Bicycle Works is making what it calls the Smart Basket for your bicycle.

It looks like a quality piece of work. The interesting thing is how it mounts. Unlike baskets that mount to the forks or the handlebars, these mount sturdily to the frame, with a special mounting bracket.

As the company says, “This new front basket system carries more cargo without affecting the bicycle’s steering balance, creating a safer and more stable ride. The key to the design is the century-old concept of attaching the basket to the bicycle’s frame. It essentially converts a beach cruiser into a cycle truck.”

Another cool thing is that you get your choice of materials: “Smart Basket comes in a variety of colors and attractive styles. Riders can choose from custom wood crates and powder-coated wire baskets, both of which feature WBW’s unique “wave” design, as well as one-of-a-kind vintage crates and up-cycled wine crates.

All the baskets and crates are large capacity, with a minimum size of 14 inches by 12 inches at the base – large enough to fit two paper grocery bags.”

“Smart Basket is a front basket that carries up to 50 pounds with better stability, converting basic bikes into cargo bikes,” Warren Bicycle Works said.

You can find out more at warrenbike.com.

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